XRP - The New Gold Standard - 2021-04-06

Good evening soul family. I hope you had an amazing day today... in the matrix.

I wrote a short blog post last night giving everybody the occult patterns that specifically show you two other crypto currencies that will be part of the quantum financial system. One of those assets is still sitting at $0.05553 per coin, because it is not ready to explode just yet. However, for people who are looking to acquire an abundance of a coin with extremely high upside and an extremely low price, this coin might peak their interest. If you don't know the coin I speak of, you need to go back to last night's post and match up the above pricing to see which one it is. I am not providing financial advice, I am simply telling a story about the future of our world.

Last night I had mentioned that XRP "The Key" to the QFS, which could go live as soon as September 2021, was sitting at a fantastic price of ($0.90) per coin. Since I don't provide financial advice, I've never directly told anybody to invest in a specific coin, however, I have shared my own knowledge about XRP in an attempt to provide others with less knowledge and understanding about the current situation at hand, an example of the choices I've been making to create generational wealth for my family. Tonight, at the time of this writing (10:19 PM PST - 2021-04-06), XRP is currently sitting at ($1.05) per coin. That is a $0.15 gain per coin, and for those of you who did their research and saw the connections on their own, $0.15 is a huge gain when you have 4,000 - 100,000 coins in your wallet.

I would like to take you back to Monday, March 15th 2021 at 2:04 AM. XRP was sitting at $0.433 per coin. This was around the time where I decided that I would share the knowledge I had, due to the esoteric connections I've made, in regards to XRP. There are many of you who did your own research, made the same connections and decided to invest in XRP around this time. Since then you have seen a $0.61 gain in only the last 4 days, which is awesome and makes me feel good. This means that the person who invested $4,300 back around this time, and received 10,000 XRP for their investment, has seen a gain of $6,100... and again... this makes me happy that other people have been able to secure themselves a small piece of an upcoming shift in wealth unlike anything we have seen before.

To ensure that my words are not taken the wrong way, the reason I am so happy that many people are making money and solidifying a piece of XRP is because there is no better person to receive future wealth, than a person who is already "awake." Personally, if my calculations are correct, I will use the wealth I acquire for the betterment of humanity. There is an extreme difference between a greedy, unaware, mind controlled "normie" acquiring wealth and a knowledgeable, self aware, human being acquiring wealth.

I was laughed at by many people on FakeBook (which I am currently banned on), when I had mentioned that XRP would be backed by 100 billion minted gold coins, which would drive it's value up to a level around $10,000 per coin or higher. I stand by that statement because over the past month or so, I have only seen more and more and more connections and signs that this is exactly what is happening and will happen. That means, that someone that invests upwards of $400 at XRP's current price, will profit 4 million dollars when XRP is backed with gold. This same person has a change of making more than that if XRP's value is needed to go above that threshold to make payments inexpensive across the world and create a situation where the people of the world can use XRP for purchases of all kinds. This projection is not meant to hit until 2025 or 2026, but it could also happen sooner... it all depends on the detailed plans for the upcoming quantum financial system.

Today was a great day for Ripple who is being sued by the SEC (securities and exchange commission). Let me also state that I believe there are only two scenarios surrounding the ridiculous SEC lawsuit which is going to fail (and when it does the price of XRP will skyrocket). The lawsuit was either a ploy to scare people into selling their XRP so that less people had it in their possession before its value shocks the world, and to create a hyper suppressed price where those "in the know" could buy it up super cheap. OR... the lawsuit by the SEC, specifically sell out ex head of the SEC, Jay Clayton, was a direct attack and a last ditch effort by the cabal to do whatever they could to attempt to screw Ripple over and get XRP classified as a "security" as opposed to a currency. I tend to think the latter is the real reason. Oh well, this joke of a "lawsuit" will fail and it will fail soon. This will be a key event in the next price explosion for XRP. Today, Ripple won access to SEC discussions on defining crypto assets as securities. This is huge, because the SEC has said that Bitcoin and Ethereum are both currencies... yet, XRP is a security. LOL. This is going to be a huge blow to the SEC's lawsuit.

And then there is this. Lawyer Jeremy Hogan was doing his due diligence and digging deep into old SEC documents, when he ended up stumbling on an SEC document where the SEC themselves literally referred to XRP/Ripple Labs as a... wait for it... DIGITAL CURRENCY. Uh oh. This is not looking good for the SEC. Unfortunately the general public believed that the SEC would ruin XRP because it was a "shit coin" that would do nothing.

Thats all I have for today my friends. XRP will be worth $10.00 before you know it. I felt the need to put this information out there for random people to see, as I would love nothing more than normal hard working people who have been oppressed by a fucked up system and fucked up people, to turn the tides and change their lives and their families lives... for the better. And with that... I'm signing out for tonight. I have you have a wonderful evening or afternoon, depending on your location... IN THE MATRIX. #3030vision

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