Wowww. What The Fuck Is Happening At The White House. I CAUGHT SOME INSANE FOOTAGE

I Caught Some Insane Footage of The White House Last Night.. and Today

Last Night, 2021/02/12 - 2021/02/13

Listen to me when I tell you this. I was watching the White House live stream last night.. and I was able to record some INSANE footage. There is a lot of information going around right now, regarding a massive military operation to rescue the people who have been held as slaves under the white house, within the multi level base that exists. Knowing that there has been a ton of intel going around about this topic... I decided to watch the live stream last night to see if I could spot anything going on. All I know is that there is something fucking huge happening. At first glance it looks like the military is rescuing hundreds of people and children... but as I started to dissect it more, it looks like there was a massive fight happening, where the military are literally beating the living shit out of a bunch of people. Obviously, there is only so much clarity with the live stream camera. I did my very best to zoom in and record everything for you. This is seriously, some of the most mind blowing shit I've captured in a while.

Today, 2021/02/13

After witnessing this go down live last night, I kept looking at the live stream today at different times. Low and fucking behold, I caught some more insane footage. But this time, there were people (they look like military) on the roof of the White House, and it looked like they were either killing people, saving people.. while killing other people.. or whatever. As this is happening, there is activity happening on the ground. After reviewing this footage over and over and over, I can see gun fire in some frames, and it's definitely showing the military beating the shit out of and shooting people.

You're Wondering Why I Didn't Include Any of This Footage In This Post

I didn't include any footage in this post because I am still working on the final videos, which will highlight the different things going on. I wanted to put this post out there ahead of time.. this way.. WHEN YOU SEE MY NEXT POST THAT WILL BE SOME TIME TONIGHT.. DO NOT MISS THIS. PLEASE SHARE THE FOOTAGE AFTER I POST IT. BARE WITH ME, I WILL BE POSTING THE FOOTAGE SOMETIME TONIGHT.. IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS.

Much love..

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