Why David Geffen Gave The Order to Kill Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington

I always struggle with with these topics. On one hand I want to share a great deal of information about the horrible things that go on in this world, and on the other hand I don't want to provide information that I know will be hard for most people to watch. The only reason you'll ever see me discuss these type of topics or share this type of information, is to provide awareness to others so they can understand how bad this problem really is... and how it's been covered up for so long.

If you are unfamiliar with the name "David Geffen," you can easily read up on him. He is the man who co-founded Asylum Records in 1971, which signed huge music acts of the time. The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt and many others. In more recent times he's signed many hip hop artists such as Cam'ron, Gucci Mane, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Bun B. He is the fonder of Geffen Records which is part of Warner Brothers Records. I really don't need to explain any more about Geffen because there is a wealth of information about him online. I've heard stories about him for years. Stories about him trying to recruit male musicians and offering them lots of money and success, but only on one condition. He wanted them to perform fellatio on him, or allow him to do even more than that to them.. in exchange for "fame." This is not an uncommon thing in the industry. The entire industry has literally been built on rape, child trafficking, cloning, blackmail, extortion, murder.. and so on and so forth.

Without drifting too far off topic, there have been lots of rumors floating around about Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and the real reason for their death. There is information that has come out talking about the film that Cornell and Bennington co produced, entitled "The Silent Children." The film exposed an estimated 2.5 million children, most of them girls, being sexually exploited in the multibillion dollar commercial sex industry that is all controlled by the so called "elites." There was someone who was able to get a copy of the film before it was released and show a "sneak preview" to David Geffen.. who is a major player in the child trafficking / exploitation / cloning industry. Soon after Geffen saw the film, Chris Cornell was found dead. A little over a year later, on what would have been Cornell's 53rd birthday, Bennington was found dead.

You need to understand that the fact that Bennington was found dead on Cornell's birthday is not a coincidence. It was a direct message to anyone else who was involved in the film, that this would be their fate, if they decided to take a risk to expose the wealthy pedophiles who control this multibillion dollar industry.

The below video is the trailer for the film. The film has still not been released, and it's quite obvious that anyone who has the balls to put the film out, will be on an immediate hit list of these disgusting perverts working tirelessly to keep their secrets hidden.

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