What The Hell Is Going On Outside The White House At Night? Video.

Here is one of the videos I've been telling you about. There is another video I'm working on that I took during the day, where some interesting things were going on.

First of all, I took this video this past Saturday night / Sunday morning at 1:30 AM PST. I always discover the BEST SHIT when I'm up late on the internet.

At first I thought it might've been people being rescued from underneath the White House. Then I started to look closer and thought it might've been some type of hand to hand combat.. possibly Military, because some of the people in the shadows look like they're literally fighting. Some of them look like two people versus one. Some look like they're going toe to toe. Here's the thing.. this can still very well be one of the two things that I just mentioned. However, I've watched this clip and a few others clips that I took, over and over and over and over. I've zoomed in and paused these videos frequently. I've taken certain parts and slowed them down to look at each frame from different distances, and my eyes cannot stop seeing what they're currently seeing.

If you want to see the video clearly.. your best bet will be watching on a cell phone, as opposed to a large tablet or computer. The quality is poor because it's night time from the "earthtv" camera located near the White House... and a PC or Mac desktop does not do this footage any justice.

The video you're seeing below is not the original video that I took. It's a zoomed in version that I made because the original video is too far away for most people to notice anything. The keyword there is "most people," and I, my friends, am not most people. I have an eye for these things due to my years of graphic design and editing in photoshop. I've always been able to see things in video footage that most people will miss. Call it a blessing or a curse... I haven't decided which one it is yet. I added the original video below the zoomed in version for you to check out.

After breaking this footage down time and time again.. my eyes are either telling me the truth... or they are deceiving me. This is why I need your help, because I would like to find out what you see when you watch this.

Here's what I see:

I see non-human beings that are either fighting each other to the death.. or killing human beings outside of the white house. I know, I know.. typical "conspiracy" thing to say right? Well fuck off, because most of you know as well as I do that there are many beings that exist, contrary to public knowledge.

You need to focus on the white(ish) colored "things" moving and "fighting" in the darkness. In the original video you can barely notice anything, but like I said above, I'm always looking deeper and closer than most people, and on this is why I've discovered some interesting things over the years (especially the giant serpent and face on the moon). Whatever these are, the real question is... "who or what would be in huge numbers like this outside the White House." I know, I know... maybe it’s an alien orgy! Yup, that seems right.

This is the short, zoomed in version:

This is the full video I took. Notice how small these things are on the original video. If you zoom in and look closely, these things are all over the White House property. Left side top and bottom, middle, right side top and bottom:

Some Screen Shots From The Video

What the hell is this? This doesn't look like a human to me. It looks like a fucking Gorilla or an Abominable Snowman / Yeti / Nancy Pelosi (LOL). This is just a zoomed in screen shot that I lighted up a bit.

Like... what the fuck is this thing below? LOL.

This doesn't look like your average family dog. This is more like what Joe Biden's mom would look like without any make up on. Really weird shit people.. and why are these things at the White House... and what are they doing? Killing each other? Killing something? I think I'll name him "Spot." Here boy.. here Spot.. time for dinner boy.

Alright my friends, this is all for now. More videos to come. I'm going to start working on a close up version of the day time one I took. That one should be interesting as well.


"I make it rain on Sirius B"

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