What The Fuck Is Happening In The District of Columbia? [See Video At Bottom of Post]

The title of this blog post is not based on my own ignorance. It's based on the fact that there is some hidden shit going down in D.C. Is Biden really the President? How could he be when proven foreign interference was certified? Why does Biden's oval office look different than every other oval office? Can you say "Castle Rock?" Do you know what a "sound stage" is? It's where they build indoor sets in giant buildings inside movie lots. Where is Trump? Is Q Anon a psyop? Have you deeply researched Q Anon or are you basing your opinion off of a lack of effort, research and understanding? What is looking glass technology? Can people really see into the future? Why did California Governor Gavin Newsom just end the draconian statewide lockdown measures that have been in place since March, two days after Biden "became President?" Is covid the flu, or is the flu covid? Why are they called "The World Health Organization," when the only health they're concerned with is the health of the control structure placed upon us by the one percent? Is Bill Gates ever turned on by sex? You wouldn't think so considering his dick is so micro and so soft. How unfair is it that Melinda Gates was never a successful hand model? Should she start selling her own brand of Italian Sausage called "Melinda's Sweet and Spicy Italian Sausage Fingers?" Why do people believe anything coming out of Anthony Fauci's mouth? It is because most of the world is so far gone and docile that they truly allow the television to tell them who the "good guys" are? Why am I still up writing these words at 1:49AM PST when I know my baby will be waking up around 6:00 AM? No one can answer these questions. No one needs to answer these questions. All one must do is watch carefully over the next few months to see if the future scenarios that were seen through the "looking glass," were accurate or nothing more than a past timeline that has been altered.

Thank you for taking the time to read these words. Thank you for coming to my website to read my content instead of staying on Facebook to watch me catch another ban every time I say Bill Gates Can Eat A Fucking Dick The Size of Texas.. or... This Brave Doctor Is Telling The Truth About The Covid Scam, or... Joe Biden Is Upset That He Can No Longer Play His Favorite Game "Pin The Dick On The Brown Eye" Over At The Bohemian Grove.

Much love. Fuck em all. "#3030vision because #2020vision is only average" (borrowed from Sadiki Bakari)

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