What’s Happening in D.C.

UPDATE @ 4:59PM PST. If you saw this right after I posted it... refresh the page. I lightened up some of the pics to make them easier to see until I can get the videos up.

I’m sure you were expecting me to post the video footage of Washington DC last night, just like I said I would. The weirdest thing keeps happening to me with these videos. Every time I do a screen recording on my iPhone while the video is playing (I’m recording the screen because I’m zooming in to show you a close look of what I’ve discovered), everything seems normal. I go back to watch the video before uploading it, and the video only shows about 10 seconds of the 2 minute video I just made. It plays, and then the screen goes black. I’ve tried this over and over, and I’ve restarted my phone.. etc. Its extremely frustrating to say the least, but it’s just really weird that this keeps happening. If I record the screen while watching an unrelated video, it has no issues.

I will try again tonight and see what happens. Super sketchy that this keeps happening. Worst comes to worst I’ll just upload the regular video and tell you where to zoom in.

Here‘s a screen shot where I circled different people that are hard to see in the video. There are many more than this, but I just wanted to give you a quick example while I try to get these videos recorded.

I know they’re hard to see, but im a graphic designer and I look for fine details in images all the time. After you see the video, you will see them moving and see what I mean.

Much love. #3030vision

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