“I Used To Be Human” Those Were The Days! Sincerely, Zuck

Man, don’t you miss how it felt to be human?

Ahhh, those were the days. Being human was such a privilege. Those things that you would feel, I think they were called “feelings,“ I wish I could get those back. Ever since I decided to fully merge my brain with Artificial Intelligence, I lost those simple but yet intricate things that came with being human. If I could take it all back and tell the people at DARPA that I didn’t want to merge myself with AI, even if it meant that I wouldn’t be as intelligent, I would do it in a second. Unfortunately, when you’re Marc Zuckerberg, boy genius who created Facebook, it’s really not that simple. The only way they would allow me to take credit for this type of success is if I allowed them to merge my brain with Chinese Artificial Intelligence. They did this so they could make sure that China could turn the USA into a vassal state, remotely controlled by the communists, globalists, Khazarian Mafia and Jesuits.

I hope this doesn’t go against community standards. It would be a shame to catch a 30 day ban for being Marc Zuckerberg....

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