The World Is A Vampire

Updated: Jan 16

The world really is, a VAMPIRE.

We live in a world where almost everything in our society is ass backwards. The most evil human beings in this reality are praised, while the true heroes, the ones who can make a real difference by bringing positive change to the world, are demonized, disrespected, attacked, shunned and mocked by people who only posses a basic level of awareness. This is a world where the majority of people regurgitate the words of so called “experts” who have sold out our society for a life of luxury and status. ”Experts” who have colluded with our sellout Governors, in an attempt to destroy the middle class of America with unlawful and unconstitutional shutdowns, which have zero science to back them up. People are so far gone, that they trust the words of an “expert,” simply because they’ve been programmed to believe that this world is run by good people, who are fair and just. Doesn't it make you wonder what real qualities and achievements you have to posses, to be considered an expert?

If we are to accept and support the public‘s idea of an “expert,” then we must be okay with the inconvenient fact that almost every well known so called “expert” doctor or scientist is usually nothing more than an educated public relations gatekeeper who chooses notoriety and wealth over righteousness and humility. Since the beginning of the scamdemic, it’s common to hear people quote Dr. Anthony Fauci, as if his words and suggestions are the be-all end-all of truth. The fact of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth. My point is that the public has been victimized for so long, that the majority of people seem to be incapable of critical thought. The ability to understand how things really work in this world is crucial. Without this skill, you will never be able to make the best decisions for yourself and your family when it comes to health and well being. How can someone learn to discern truth, if the “truth” they‘ve accepted is based on lies and half truths? They can’t...

Mainstream experts are usually overrated and under qualified. The true experts.. the ones who dedicate their lives to the betterment of humanity, usually end up blackballed from the elite societies at the top of their industries, slandered and sometimes murdered. This is the unfortunate reality many people face when doing work that can benefit humanity and save lives. If you want to be a famous expert, you need to refrain from questioning ethics, always follow orders (even if that means doing evil) and focus on work that does nothing for humanity. Mainstream “experts” only worry about completing their specific part of a bigger agenda for the governments or corporations that fund their research. In Fauci’s case, he stands to make an unfathomable amount of money from the current hoax, in more ways than one. By playing his part he will be rewarded by the hidden hands that give him his directives. If Fauci woke up tomorrow and decided he couldn’t live with himself anymore for the atrocities he’s committed (including experiments on children taken from their families and put in the system, with the AIDS vaccine. Im talking about things that would make the average person sick to their stomach.) and decided to do the right thing and tell the public the truth, you better believe he would be dead within a week. This is how our society functions, behind closed doors.

Is this an easy thing for people to accept?


Is it the truth?


This is a world where the majority of people are under heavy mind control and many different means of fear based programming. A world where people have so much fear, they they advocate for vaccines that contain “experimental” technology they cannot even begin to comprehend. If most people weren’t so lazy and decided that it would be beneficial to take the time to gain a detailed understanding of these technologies and pharmaceutical “cures,” you would see millions upon millions of people having mental breakdowns and traumatic episodes related to the literal poisoning and mass exploitation of humanity. They don’t know that most disease is caused by vaccines. I mean, how would they know? It’s too “scary” for most people to face the truth, so they demonize anything that has a chance of making them come to grips with reality.

As difficult as it may seem, the only way forward is by helping people learn about these hidden truths. Knowledge isn’t just the key, it’s literally the only thing powerful enough to change the world. People need to witness and accept the INCALCULABLE number of atrocities that have been occulted from their reality, as well as many factual conspiracies they‘ve heard about, yet ignored, denied and outright refused to even consider throughout their programmed existence. Learn about the “100 Monkey Effect.” If enough people learn the truth, then no internet or alternative media would be needed to “wake people up.” If enough people became privy to these truths, the collective would feel a bolt of electricity shooting through the body and mind of every conscious, electric being in this realm. This is what is already happening right now, but on a much smaller scale. This event would be like a collective “jump start,” which would allow their suppressed emotions and basic instincts to kick in... simultaneously. This event would lead to instant change.

This “new” knowledge that would be realized on a mass scale, would cause people to start gathering in their towns and cities with a thirst for revenge against every single person that has sold them out. A thirst for revenge against the cult leaders and members that have led our relatives to their death, by way of wars, false flag terror, pandemics, etc. which have all been based on lies. Events written like a Hollywood script, with literal protagonists and antagonists, in an attempt to profit off of our ignorance and suffering. Events that are literally used to accomplish a grand lie, which instills enough fear into the people to convert itself into false pride by turning victims into heroes who can be remembered by their loved ones and the world. They’ve tricked the people into believing that their GRANDFATHER or FATHER or MOTHER or SISTER or BROTHER or COUSIN or UNCLE or HUSBAND or WIFE “gave their lives for the betterment of their country” or the “betterment of humanity.”

What a bunch of bullshit. You would see people instantly forget about their so called differences, whether it be racial, cultural, religious, socioeconomic or political.. and millions of people would start to storm the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies, the crime fronts masquerading as “betterment” or “philanthropic” societies, the money hungry energetic currency stealing “charities,” the “celebrities” who took massive under the table payoffs to sell out the masses and lead us towards communism by using doublespeak and trickery. People would storm and decimate the banks, the governments, the royal palaces and the child killing, tax money hoarding serial killers who hide behind their guards at the “snake inspired” Vatican. People would know the truth about their Jesuit Black Nobility gray and black pope / ZHY-ON-IST manipulators. Everybody would finally have a collective incentive to work together to hunt down the ritualistic “anointed” perpetrators responsible for taking blood oaths to continue the evil generational crimes that their ancestors have committed and planned against us for centuries. People wouldn't stop until they could be certain that the head of the snake would be cut off, to guarantee their loved ones and children could never suffer at the hands of these evil parasites ever again.




The World Is A Vampire...

Trevor Matrixbreaker

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