The United States of America Hasn't Been Free Since 1871.

Updated: Jan 19

Since 1871, the United States president and the United States Congress have been illegitimate. The electoral college has also been illegitimate since 1871.

On July 4, 1776, the people claimed their independence from the Crown, which was/is under temporal authority of the Roman Catholic Pope. This was the day, that we are told, where America's Democracy was born. In school, we (Americans) are educated with a corrupted version of our own history. The history teachers, who are just following their curriculums and the information they were taught, are unaware that they are teaching a false version of American history. After America's independence from the Crown, the people were only free for the next 95 years. Although we were free in terms of the rights we were awarded from the Constitution, many members of America's Congress were still loyal to the Crown and they concealed this fact from anyone who was not in their inner circle. The members of Congress that were secretly loyal to, and working on behalf of (agents) the Crown, were mostly from the North.

King James I, as in the man who was supposedly responsible for creating “The King James Bible," signed the "First Charter of Virginia" in 1606, which gave America's British forefathers license to settle and colonize America. The charter guaranteed future German Roman Catholic Kings/Queens of England would have sovereign authority over all citizens and colonized land in America.

Now here's where our so called "independence" from Britain, contradicts itself.. and this is a fact removed from our corrupted version of history. The following information was also withheld from every average American citizen at the time, to prevent a rebellion and uprising against the elite, sellout, agents who had just scammed America out of any true independence. I've said many times that many, if not all, of the "Founding Fathers" were agents of the Crown. We've been indoctrinated to treat these men as if they deserve our praise, for they "saved" our country, which allowed all American's to live as free people, in a "free" country. Hahahaha. What a load of shit.

On September 3, 1783, the "Treaty of Paris" was signed by three (anti) American sellouts, better known as: Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Jay. These sellouts negotiated the peace treaty with representatives of King George III of Great Britain and then went on to sign the treaty, which was supposed to give us our "independence." The Continental Congress appointed John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson and Henry Laurens to travel to Europe and negotiate a peace treaty with the British. The treaty was not signed by Jefferson, as he was supposedly unable to leave the United States to participate. Henry Laurens was captured by a British warship and imprisoned in the Tower of London until the end of the war, so all that was left were Franklin, Adams and Jay.

Corrupted history tells us that British Prime Minister Lord Shelburne saw our independence as an opportunity to build a lucrative trade alliance with us, without the administrative and military costs of running and defending the colonies. The hidden truth Franklin, Adams and Jay cut a deal, under the table which was that they would identify the German Roman Catholic King of England "King George III" as PRINCE OF THE U.S. From what I've researched, this is the way it was written in the treaty:

“Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick (Germany’s Brunswick) and Lunebourg (Germany’s Lunebourg), arch treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire (Roman Catholic Church) etc., and of the United States of America“

This contradicts us becoming "independent," as our "trusted leaders" allowed King George III to become the Prince of the U.S. which was obviously a higher ranking title than "president of the United States." The treaty, signed by Franklin, Adams and Jay at the Hotel d’York in Paris, was finalized on September 3, 1783, and ratified by the Continental Congress on January 14, 1784. So, all in all, the American citizens were only actually free for 3 years and 2 months until the treaty was signed.

There is too much to explain in detail about what happened next, so I'm going to give the short version. After our fake independence, in the years leading up to the Civil War, the New England Northern Industrialists were Brits working on behalf of the crown, and they were the ones giving orders to all of your favorite, Northern/Union American "heroes." They were the ones who were really running the North, and they were the ones who were profiting off of the South and all slavery that went on over there. They tried to incite the Civil War time and time again over the years because they were so fucking greedy that they were not satisfied with the more than 75% profit they were stealing from the Southern states, by way of shady tariffs that were imposed. They wanted all of the natural resources that the South possessed for pennies on the dollar. Their goal was to use Northern Congressmen and eventually Abraham Lincoln to impose tariffs that were so high, that it would guarantee that most whites in the South (excluding rich bloodline families) would be almost as poor as the slaves that were forced to work for them.

The New England Northern Industrialists and the Northern Congressmen started using the Northern press to slander the people of the South by creating the narrative that the Southerners were refusing to end slavery and that something needed to be done about this. They did this while they were the ones making insane profits off of all of the slave labor in the South. They played the "wolf in sheeps clothing" role. The Northern Congressmen and elites were so fucked up, that they devised a plan to use their propaganda accusing the Southern states of refusing to end slavery, in an attempt to trigger a war where they could take possession of land, resources, and lastly.. the slaves in the South. We were taught that the war was about the North wanting to end slavery, but the truth is that once the North won the Civil War and "freed the slaves," they hired the slaves to do labor for them as "free men" for "slave" wages.

Corrupted history left out the fact that there were four times as many slavery abolition societies in the South than the North, and the well educated people in the South had already come up with a plan to end slavery while avoiding the destruction of the economy. The Crown / Jesuits / Industrialists knew that a Northern president during a time of tension with the South would further provoke them to secede from the Union. It was the North, who profited the most from Slavery.. and it was the North who provoked the war that would lead up to the event where the real United States would be destroyed, citizens would be converted into generational debt slaves and commodities, and the real United States would be converted into the USA CORPORATION.

By the time of the constitutional convention came together to establish the Confederacy, in February 1861, South Carolina has already succeeded, and now six other states had joined the succession from the Union. The majority of the Southern leaders who attended the convention expected a peaceful secession. They did not realize this would lead to the bloody battle that officially started the war, that they had been provoked into fighting. Corrupted history left out a key fact, which was that Fort Sumter, which was the location where the South fired the first shot, was converted into a location where a lot of the tariffs that were "stolen" by the North, were stored. Lincoln devised a plan to coax South Carolina into firing the first shot by provoking them with the tariff money being stored at Fort Sumpter. The North used this as a political ploy, to act like the South was to blame for starting the war, when the truth is that they had been provoked time and time again and shit finally hit the fan. Like I've said before, Lincoln and the North used the narrative of "ending slavery" as a political ploy to get the average Americans in the North, on board if a fight would ever go down. The Civil War was not "Civil," it was really a plan devised by the Crown and Vatican Black Nobility (Jesuits) by way of the New England Northern Industrialists and the Northern Congressmen.

Fast forward to July 1, 1862, when 11 Southern states were not represented in Congress due to the Civil War. It was this day that the remaining members of Congress passed “An Act to provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay Interest on the Public Debt.” They secretly changed the word "person" to an artificial meaning, without the Southern Congressmen knowing this happened.

It read like this:

"every individual, partnership, firm, association, or corporation, (and any word or words in this act indicating or referring to person or persons shall be taken to mean and include partnerships, firms, associations, or corporations, when not otherwise designated or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof,).” Thirty-Seventh Congress. Sess. II. Chap. CXIX. Page 432. Sec. 68. (p. 459.)

Two years later, in 1864 when the Civil War was coming to an end, they did the same thing with the word "state" without the Southern Congressmen knowing. The Northern Congressmen passed “An Act to provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay Interest on the Public Debt, and for other Purposes.”

They changed the definition of the word "state" as follows:

"wherever the word state [jurisdiction] is used in this act, it shall be construed to include the [jurisdictions of the] territories and the District of Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out the provisions of this act.” Public Acts of the Thirty- Eighth Congress of the United States. Sess.1. Ch. 173, 174. 1864. (13 Stat. 223).

This was another setup that was going to lead to the complete, legal takeover of America.. which would eventually convert all of us into legal property of the Crown and the Vatican Black Nobility.. AKA, the Jesuits. The Jesuits are the real controllers of the world, and the Royals answer to them.

Finally, two years after they changed the definition of "state" to include the District of Columbia, they allegedly ratified the 14th amendment.

The Supreme Court’s anti-constitutional interpretation of the “person” was changed for this purpose. Five years later Congress once again assigned an artificial meaning to “person” in, once again, an Internal Revenue act, that read like this:

“And where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof, the word, “person,” as used in this title, shall be construed to mean and include a partnership, association, company, or corporation, as well as a natural person.” Forty-Third Congress (1873), Session I, Volume 18, Part 1 - Title XXXV. Internal Revenue. Chapter One. Page 601, Section 3140."

Now here's where the scam ran by the Northern Industrialists and the Northern Congressmen would literally enslave us all to the Crown and Jesuits, and this is also where they secretly incorporated the USA.

In 1871, three years after the illegal ratification of the 14th Amendment, the government defaulted on its war debts, forcing America into bankruptcy. This is what the Southern States wanted to avoid by planning to end slavery without destroying the economy and bankrupting the nation. What resulted from the bankruptcy was the final blow in the destruction of the United States.

In 1871 The Northern Congressmen knew the war would bankrupt the nation, which came to fruition. They made a financial deal with the Crown (a.k.a. City of London Corporation – est. by the Catholic Church on Jan 1, 1855) thereby incurring a DEBT to the Pope who answered to the Black Nobility Jesuit Order. The 41st Congress illegally passed "The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871" with no constitutional authority to do so. England (Rome) claimed what was theirs, according to international law, and incorporated the ten mile square that is Washington D.C. England also incorporated the American Constitution and names for its new corporation, such as THE UNITED STATES, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, U.S., and USA, as well as other titles, as declared in the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. A point of interest in these copyrighted names is the implementation of the article “THE.” Before this time, America was a union of “united States,” not a union of “the united States.” The article “the” doesn’t exist when referring to other countries, i.e. Canada and Britain aren’t referred to as “the Canada” or “the Britain.” The British-controlled Corporation, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, exclusively uses the article “the” in its name, which is distinct from the “united States” or the “United States.” One other huge change to America simultaneously occurred: being a bankrupt nation, the united States retained only the power to settle civil disputes, not criminal matters, allowing room for the illusion that only Britain’s private, ever-changing laws appertain to America’s criminal disputes. British law literally attempted to fill the gap created by the bankruptcy without anyone knowing, making it appear that everything was going just as usual. Since this point in history, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been governed entirely by foreign, private, corporate law and Washington, D.C. has been under British control.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, whose jurisdiction is applicable only in the ten-mile-square parcel of land known as the District of Columbia and to whatever properties are legally titled to the UNITED STATES, by its registration in the corporate County, State, and Federal governments that are under military power of the UNITED STATES and its creditors.

Being incorporated, people need permission to use Britain’s imposed laws. These people, who use this British legal system for and usually against the American people, are referred to as attorneys, as opposed to lawyers. Yes, there’s a difference. The word “attorney” comes from “attorn,” which means to turn over to another; transfer. In old England, the title of attorney meant one who attorned (“attourned” is the old English), which meant to transfer money, goods, etc. to another. Attorneys served the king or queen in handling disputes regarding money/goods with their peasants. In modern times, attorneys transfer things of monetary value through court procedures to both other forms of money/goods and to new owners, being either persons or the government. Attorneys have limited legal power because they are sworn to uphold the British, copyrighted law. A lawyer isn’t limited like this. Many believe that one needs to get licensed in order to practice law – this is an utter fiction. One needs to become licensed if one wishes to become an attorney in order to avoid a copyright violation, and the way to do this is to pass the BAR exam and register with the American BAR Association. The American BAR Association is an appendage of the BAR Council, which is the BAR association of England. The term BAR is an acronym for British Accreditation Register: the registry for those who have been accredited to use America’s British copyrighted law.

Beyond this point in America’s legal history, any laws that came about were private laws of Britain. Any sovereign Citizen is exempt from these private laws. Anyone who doesn’t dispute being a 14th Amendment “citizen” is subject to these private laws. The 13th Amendment eliminated involuntary servitude, but it said nothing about voluntary servitude. The 14th Amendment was a gateway for voluntary servitude to take place. At this time, simply claiming to be a sovereign Citizen and not a 14th Amendment “citizen” was, legally speaking, enough to avoid being subject to Britain’s private laws. How could the Brits get people to agree to be these citizens? The answers they found were implemented into a plan that materialized into the New Deal.

To summarize:

- On February 21, 1871, under the guise of creating the seat of OUR government with “The Organic Act of 1871,” the Legislative branch, through Article I, Section 8, clause 17 creates a fully private and for profit corporation that THEY control and name it THE UNITED STATES.

- Just prior to creating that private for-profit corporation, THEY, the Legislative branch, put in place through military threat, the totally unlawful and never legally ratified 14th Amendment of July 28th, 1868, that just happens to place every U.S. citizen squarely within the jurisdiction of THEIR new company.

A few years earlier, June 30th, 1864, this same unlawful Congress re-defined the word “state” through an Internal Revenue Act to mean the very same geographic area over which THEY had complete control AND Constitutional authority – The District of Columbia.

- And finally, to make sure “the people” were thoroughly confused, THEY, the very same unlawful and un- Constitutional Legislature through an earlier Internal Revenue Act, redefine the word “person” to mean a non-living “fictional” entity thus creating an artificial “person” under THEIR control.

- In less than a decade, with the Civil War being nothing more than a smoke screen, our Freedom and Liberty was replaced with “civil rights” by OUR “presumed” CONSENT to a misleading U.S. citizenship.

I put all of this together with many different sources of information that made it possible to explain all of this to you. There is more to this story regarding Lincoln issuing greenbacks and his murder by John Wilkes Booth. More research will need to be done, but from what I can see, John Wilkes Booth murdered Lincoln on behalf of the Jesuit order.

Much Love,

Trevor Matrixbreaker

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