The Truth about Fame, Power and Success in Modern Day Society - Written By "Unknown"

"The most ambitious and talented people are only allowed to rise so far in positions of power and influence before they inevitably hit the ‘glass ceiling.’ It is fashionable these days to blame racism, sexism, and the ‘patriarchy’ for this obvious glass ceiling, but the truth is that it is just as real for the smartest and most supposedly ‘privileged’ of white men as anyone else. The glass ceiling is not about bigotry against any race or gender, nor is it a matter of intelligence and skill. The barrier is ultimately psycho-spiritual. The reason the barrier exists is the significant and ever-increasing liability that the cabal faces, for its power is founded upon its ability to keep certain truths occulted behind a wall of absolute secrecy. The greater the corruption of the cabal becomes—and the more technology increases the ability of influential people to spread information ever more instantly, to ever more people—the more absolute their methods of control must become. Sexual blackmail and ritual sacrifice are among the most effective methods the cabal uses, backed up with the threat of murder and/or harm to one’s family.

This is one of the most guarded secrets of the cabal: the reality of the ‘soul trap,’ or ‘Faustian bargain,’ with regard to positions of significant power and influence. Everyone in the cabal has ‘sold their soul,’ meaning every person with access to significant influence and control has either sold themselves into blackmail slavery, or been entrapped into it; this is the price one has to pay to play the game. Often this happens through entrapment, usually after the person has been carefully selected for the ideal attributes: attractive narcissistic atheist psychopaths. Almost everyone who actually knows the truth about the soul trap are those who have fallen prey to it, and thus sworn to secrecy under the threat of death, not to mention the blackmail and credible threat of harm to their family members. If someone can talk about it, they probably haven’t faced it; if they have faced it, they likely can’t talk about it. The select few with the spiritual strength to reject the 'offer' are either killed, or their lives so thoroughly destroyed that they might as well be dead.

Ironically, most of the high IQ narcissistic psychopaths who sell their souls to the cabal are atheists. It’s easiest to convince someone to sell their soul, if they don’t even believe they have one in the first place. But the irony gets even worse. With progressive enslavement and coercion many in positions of significant power within the cabal are forced to participate in increasingly horrific Satanic rituals. The psychic trauma of participating in these rituals produces mind altering chemicals such as endorphins and adrenochrome. In addition to this effect, they supplement with even more powerful mind-altering substances which have built up in even higher quantities in the blood of their victims, which they are forced to drink. The combined effect creates a state of dissociative hallucination, during which the participant comes into direct contact with extra-dimensional beings, aka demons. It is at this point that the poor Satanic slave realizes that the spirit world is real; they were an atheist when they sold their soul, and when they finally discovered the true existence of demons (and angels), evil (and divinity)—it was too late. Or so they have been made to believe. These people need to be freed from their slavery, they need spiritual salvation and rehabilitation/re-education."

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