The Stimulus That Broke The Back of The M(asses).

Updated: Mar 19

Happy Thursday... in the matrix.

One out of every five dollars was created in 2020, but the Fed doesn't really go out of their way to mention this to the public. The amount of liquidity injected into the US economy since the "pandemic" began, mixed with the new stimulus, seems like it could be a precursor to a major financial crisis (lol). Stimulating the economy by giving people money to spend so we can "rebuild" or "strengthen" the economic climate, sounds like a great idea, to people who don't really understand how our crooked economy functions. Plus, how many people do you know who are telling you that they're concerned about the stimulus potentially hurting the economy? NOBODY! Why? BECAUSE, NOBODY IS SAYING THAT SHIT (lol). All people are talking about is what they're going to do with their money when it arrives (arrived). "The stimulus is going to help me pay for that new booty I've been patiently waiting for." "I'm going to take my stimulus and buy some cocaine and baking soda.. and cut it so many times... that my money is going to quintuple!" "I'm going to take my stimmy and put it towards a lift kit for my 1988 Bronco" (hahaha). Okay, okay, maybe (most) people aren't saying things like this.. but I think I've illustrated my point.

The reality of this shitty situation that we have absolutely no control over, is that on top of the unfathomable amount of money being printed (on purpose by the banking cartels) since covert-19 began, the added stimulus that the government so easily pulls out of their ass might just be "too stimulating." (pun intended). This situation reminds me of something completely unrelated, and something most of the population are literally lining up by the millions to destroy! The good ol' human immune system. Our immune system naturally produces immunoglobulins (antibodies) that circulate in our blood vessels and tissues and work to remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, and foreign substances from our blood. However, if a person has elevated levels of immunoglobulins (antibodies) in their body, they can develop one of many autoimmune diseases where the immune system is "permanently drunk" and confuses it's enemies (foreign entities) for it's best friends (the skin, joints, and other parts of our body). All jokes aside, elevated immunoglobulin levels can be extremely detrimental and can even cause Hypergammaglobulinemia (a condition caused by elevated immunoglobulin levels).

Just like elevated antibody levels in our immune system, overstimulation of the economy, by injecting too much liquidity in such a short period of time, can cause hyperinflation. Regular inflation has been a tool used by the parasites who stole our financial system (and our tax dollars. Shut up! Our tax dollars fix the roads! What would we do without roads!!) as a way of keeping most of society "broke" and dependent. However, "Hyperinflation" is a tool for destruction. I know some of you still don't realize that these things just don't happen out of nowhere. The banking cartels know exactly what they're doing. Why else launch a covert psyop called "covert-19"?? There is no other reason to do it. They used covert-19 (thanks Sadiki) to:

- Create an excuse (Order From Chaos) for mass vaxxx (trans-hu(e)-manism).

- Cause economic ruin and dependence on the government.

- As a reason to print more money than they've ever printed, creating a climate where the richest people in the world can quadruple their net worth, but the average person loses their business and suffers.

- Prime people for the fourth industrial revolution, whereby they rule by and through technology


To laugh in the faces of the ignorant. I mean, look... they're making people wear masks as a symbol that they just sat there, SILENT, with a triggered look on their faces, too concerned about the intelligent "anti-maskers," and too busy to ever notice they were giving away their freedoms. Ignorance is NOT bliss, ignorance is fucking ignorance any way you try to spin it.

Before I continue, I know there will be multiple people who want to say the following:

"Well, I don't pay taxes... people who pay taxes are stupid.. they're voluntary."

To those people I say "Okay. Please help the rest of us out, so we can understand how you prevented them from placing liens on your property, freezing your bank accounts, garnishing your paychecks and ruining your life?" If you can provide that direct information, I'm sure many of us would find it useful. I've done my due diligence on this topic, but I'm yet to locate a person who has figured out how to prevent any recourse from tying up or freezing their finances. If you're a drug dealer working under the table, sorry.. your opinion doesn't count.

Hyperinflation is caused by two culprits:

1) An increase in the money supply


2) "Demand-pull" inflation

An increase in the money supply occurs when the "government" (those who control it) starts printing more and more money to pay for it's spending. As the money supply rises, prices rise with it. This is known as "inflation."

Demand-pull inflation occurs when people are spending too much money on common goods. This creases a surge in demand, which heavily exceeds supply, creating much higher prices for everyone. As I said above, this happens due to increased consumer spending caused by a growing economy.. or an economy that is trying to come back from ruin (the current situation). This can also happen due to excessive government spending and/or a sudden rise in export costs.

These two culprits usually go hand-in-hand.

Instead of "the government" tightening the money supply to stop inflation, they just bend over to the Fed who says "ummm... no, sorry government... actually... we're gonna print more and more and more money... and when we're done, we're gonna print us some more. That's what we do! We print money anytime we want."

With too much currency flowing around, prices fucking skyrocket. Once the public (consumers) realize what is happening, they start to expect continued inflation. When people expect continued inflation, people will always buy more shit now to avoid paying a higher price later. That in itself creates excessive demand, which AGGRIVATES INFLATION! Then, you have the "toilet paper example" where people are panicking because they don't know anything about anything, which turns them into greedy hoarders who are hellbent on having so much toilet paper.. that they can wipe their asses with 3 rolls of 12ply every time they take a shit. Meanwhile, other people are using 1ply 99 cent store brand TP, ending up with their fingers in their butt when trying to wipe... because the demand for the good shit is too high. This, is the natural progression of hyperinflation. People become greedy and start stockpiling goods which create shortages. That's why the smart people prep for these situations months and sometimes years ahead of time, where they already have specific goods stockpiled during a time where the demand doesn't decimate the supply. You can't be mad at "preppers," they bought during a time where most people were too caught up with the newest tiktok challenge.

Let me say again... we've already seen more money printed since the beginning of the scam-demmmick than at any other time in history. On top of that, the stimulus payments meant to put money back into, and grow the economy, might just be the Jenga piece that topples the entire fucking tower (Jenga!). So yeah, spend your stimulus money (if you are eligible) because there is nothing you can do personally to correct this situation. There's nothing any of us can do because we're the byproduct of generations who were so blind and trusting and gullible that they allowed a group of evil people to literally take over every industry, so that by the time we were born... everything was already fucked! Breaking news, the stimulus money isn't going to stimulate anything aside from the prostates of the elite as they're climaxing off on the fact that they can do anything and everything they want to us, and we will just sit back and take it... dry... with no lube.

So you must be wondering, why did I decide to break all of this down today? I did it to show you why central banks are suddenly talking about CBDC's (central bank digital currencies), the digital dollar and digital euro. This is why I've been subtly telling you what I've been doing to prevent myself from being affected by this situation... because everything I know is telling me which specific (little known) asset is going to give people financial freedom incase we're in a situation where most of the world is forced on UBI (universal basic income). I don't know about you, but I don't want UBI... because.. .fuck Bernie Sanders, fuck China, fuck the globalist cabal and fuck socialism. If you've heard people saying "UBI! UBI! UBI" but you haven't taken the time to understand how UBI works, you better look it up and learn. It's based on the government STEALING your hard earned wages. How much of your wages will they steal? Well that all depends on your tax bracket. This will affect all of us unless we're sitting on multi-millions. Yes, that means people who work their asses off and have a good job, will be footing the bill for everyone who either can't find work (not their fault.. most of the time) or are too lazy to work because they're okay sitting back collecting a "thanks for becoming a Socialist" check to live a boring life where they barely have enough funds to skate by with food, clothes and a tiny space to live.. but will never have enough money to have an enjoyable life.

I can't read the future. I hear good things from many people who claim to know what's going to happen and I hear bad things from many people who claim that the people who claim to know what will happen, really know nothing at all. Therefore, I see both potential scenarios (good and bad) and I sit here while contemplating which will be the more likely scenario. But.. you know where I end up? No where. I end up no where because my guess is as good as any other well studied, well researched gangsta (lol) who uses their acquired hidden knowledge, common sense, unbiased research and intuition to try their best to navigate through the absolute shit show, better known as the "3D plane."

CBDC's are coming... and my guess is that the current scenario that's being created since the very day one of the so called "elites" said "Hmm, I know guys... I got it!! How about a good ol' pandemic to tear this economy down once and for all! That way we can move into the fourth industrial revolution and the masses who are now modified with our experimental technology will walk right into "the upload." I am not against digital currencies if they become legitimate, by being based on real assets and not just speculation (cough, cough, Bitcoin). When the potential future people proclaim, where we don't need money because everyone can function as ascended beings who manifest anything and everything they need in abundance, hit... I'll be right with you guys. But for now, during the times where we either have a legitimate source of income and live a nice life, or we don't have shit and UBI becomes a reality... I will continue making calculated moves in which I believe (based on excessive research) provide the lowest risk, highest reward, and give my family a chance of "jet skiing" above the giant UBI wave, that's going suck up the masses like a 1% riptide unlike anything we've ever seen.

But hey, all the above is just my opinion. Hopefully I'm dead wrong and everything ends up as happy as a clam... moving forward for the masses. Have a fantastic night, wherever you may be... in the matrix. #3030vision

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