The Season Finale of The USA Corporation Is Going To Be Epic. It’s Must See TV You Don’t Wanna Miss

The season finale of the USA Corp will be epic. Once the season has concluded, we will all get to watch the SERIES finale of “The Globalists Rule The World.” This is a truly epic time to be alive in a holographic matrix, because THIS IS THE LIFE.. and WE ARE THE ONES who get to witness the most historic event in modern history.

I mean, just listen to Melinda and her spicy Italian sausage fingers that need to be preheated at 400 and cooked for 30 minutes, flipping them once the timer hits 15. Melinda and Bill are a match made in hell... and hell is where they shall reside until they’re given a one way ticket to the pit. Nice eyes Bill.. you always had some really nice eyes.

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