The Reality of The Covid (not a) Vaccine. Exactly Like We Already Knew. Crime Against Humanity

This is why those of us who understand that this entire pandemic is a scam, have been warning others. Covid 19 has not been isolated. If you look those words up on google "covid 19 has not been isolated," you will find nothing but mainstream media lies and propaganda telling you that it has been isolated and that people are spreading misinformation by saying it hasn't been isolated. That's a bunch of bullshit. As a matter of fact, the CDC is being sued by multiple physicians and lab technicians who have openly stated that they've never been able to obtain an actual covid 19 sample, even after all of this time. This is because "the virus" is not real, it does not exist. The flu is what we are seeing and it was just rebranded as covid 19. As another matter of fact, viruses don't even exist. Germ theory is a bunch of bullshit. The Big Pharma CARTEL (parasitic bloodline families) are behind the "THE VIRUS HOAX." Your average doctor does not specialize in how diseases are actually caused, they only deal with symptoms and the prescribed drugs that have been suggested and controlled by Big Pharma.

If you don't have a lot of time to read the below information, please scroll down to the first hand accounts regarding the aftermath of receiving the vaccine. If you have friends or family members who took the "vaccine" and didn't have a reaction, sad to say... but they're not out of the water yet. We are only in February, this is an experiment with no long term testing.

"Viruses do not exist. All of the "images" you see of viruses are graphics or CG."

- Dr. Stefan Lanka, Ph.D


"Viruses Do Not Harm Or Kill Us, Viruses Do Not Harm Or Kill Us, Viruses Do Not Harm Or Kill Us."
"The fear of viruses - the "invisible enemy" - is a VERY powerful tool for forcing you to accept all measures for the "common good. Especially with college-"educated" vulnerable elites, including MDs, who get ZERO education in SYSTEMS - & how the immune system really works."

- Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, inventor of email and polymath

Holds four degrees from MIT, is a world-renowned systems scientist, doctoral work in systems biology. Outstanding Scientist and Technologist

"Viruses do not exist. This fact has been known by many qualified biologists and MDs for many years. Due to peer pressure and literal death threats, this very important fact showing how diseases are actually caused, has been kept under wraps for many decades.

The word 'VIRUS' originates from Latin. It means "POISON". Diseases are caused by POISONS.

There are two kinds of poisons.


These are the toxic substances they spray on fields, DDT, and such. When these poisonous chemicals enter the body, they cause a reaction at the cellular level, which results in all the diseases.


These are the negative effects of electrical and microwave radiation on our bodies.

The human body is electromagnetic in nature. Your hair, your skin are one big giant antennae. Every small fluctuation in the electro-magnetic fields influences your body. If these radiations are harmful, it will result in the body reacting with diseases.

The virus fiction was created and initiated by Louis Pasteur, who cleverly made the size of these fake "micro pathogens" so small, he didn't need to prove they didn't exist. It was the word of the establishment against the people.

Numerous experiments where they injected material from sick patients into normal people prove that diseases are NOT infectious. INFECTIONS and CONTAGIONS are fiction. Diseases are caused when cells react to toxins or poisons in the body. Junk food, and other toxic foods we eat, cause cellular reactions. What this means is diseases occur from a reaction WITHIN THE BODY. It does not happen when a small fictitious 'virus' ENTERS the body from the OUTSIDE. It can't.

Let me repeat: Contagions are pure fiction.

The immune system of each person is individual to his own body. Like a fingerprint. Therefore, a one-stop solution like a universal vaccine will not help the immune system cope with the disease. The opposite in fact. A universal vaccine will only destroy the individual's immune system. The hoax of micro-bodies entering from outside into the body, to cause diseases, works conveniently for the pharma cartel, to make millions off the toxic vaccines they produce."

From Dr. Stefan Lanka (the information was in German and translated to english online. Hence, the spelling and grammatical errors)

"How did the idea of a virus come into existence?

Koch's French counterpart was Luis Pasteur, the scientific fraudster employed by the French. As the French were at war with Germany in 1872. The dead were later declared as victims of a smallpox epidemic. The Germans claimed it came from France, the French said it came from Germany. But he knew what bacteria can and what they cannot do, and has earned some merits for this. But the same Pasteur, who KNEW that bacteria cannot cause diseases, applied a trick. To hold up to the model of the doctrine of juices and disease which the entire western medicine is based on, a disease-causing toxin had to be postulated. Especially since this concept of pandemics was used many times to suppress upheavals, to control starvation situations and so on.

It all started with the early Vatican creating fear of diseases, by claiming that diseases came from the disease demon, just as in ancient Greece. Thus in order to establish total control, the early Vatican claimed that diseases are a punishment by God. In this way, they established their power.So they recruited Gerbert de Aurillac, alias Pope Sylvester II. He brought in the Arabs in each garrison from which the monasteries were delivered with the aim to obtain the ancient knowledge of Chinese via the Arabs. The Arabs themselves had further developed the medicines. For in China the concept of CONTAGION did not exist. There was only the concept of TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE ENERGY. There is only the influence, (Latin Influenza) of an increase or decrease of light and warmth in spring and autumn. But the idea of CONTAGION plays NO role. CONTAGION is also NO part of AYURVEDIC MEDICINE. It is typically a WAR oriented concept, typically European.

Then after the onset of the small Ice age in 1308 when great pressure of migration from the North arrived, as the Northern apple & wheat plantations in Norway became less productive due to severe cold, large tensions, hunger catastrophes & so on, arose in the new Holy Roman Empire of German Nations, especially after the strong earthquake with the epicenter in Friaul in 1348, which devastated many Mediterranean cities. This was interpreted by the orthodox as proof of the antichrist. As law & order collapsed because the central hub of global trade, Venice as well as trade lines & currencies also collapsed.

At this point, this exact concept with the exact same disease definition was adopted by the priests and city officials to declare entire groups of the population as punished by God. And they were labeled as having the BLACK PLEDGE. (later called the black plague.) Entire city quarters were quarantined and put under lockdown, then starved to death, slaughtered & poisoned, just as Goethe describes it. Leprosy was simply named as black plague. Later as the Vatican's power of definition reduced, by national revolutions, the French revolution, the American Revolution, the same concept was renamed into smallpox, but the same principle remained. Today it is carried on in unacceptable disease definitions such as AIDS.

At any rate, the public was terrified to no ends, whenever epidemics were declared. For this meant they could be put into quarantine and killed. They could be forced to take medications, just as Goethe described. Meanwhile, thousands died because there was no food, there were social upheavals, and the survivors applauded. This medical system was always immediately repressive in times of crisis. And in history, it always recorded diseases as something vile, evil: the ILLNESS DEMON. An illness demon that takes hold of someone and grows and rages like cancer. And above all can even be spread and transmitted to others like an evil spell, the disease demon.

This fear was extremely prevalent in society, and this medical system from which the pharma cartel came into being, as the most powerful entity on this planet, arose. The pharma cartel will not give up its power on its own account, which is why WE need to get more active.

To enable this, I will give you more information.

The idea of a "VIRUS" was realized & from this idea the field of genetic technology was derived. To pick up with Pasteur again: Pasteur knew that bacteria could not cause diseases, period. Enough studies & experiments were conducted & publicized in Germany and elsewhere among others by Max von Pettenkofer who demonstrated what cholera was and how cholera was easily prevented. Pasteur worked on commission to find an argument to not let the English sail through the Mediterranean sea (so the English could be shot at in Gibraltar). He came up with a new idea to claim there was a NEW pathogen & this one would make its illness, toxins also in the living human's body and he called it poison, (Latin "virus"). That was the idea, he said it is a thousand times smaller than the bacteria. We use such dense filters where bacteria can't pass through. He pressed the liquid, the poison from a dead animal, through the filter. He injects the liquid into the brain of a dog that was vertically tied onto a pole. He used a third of the volume of the dog's brain, the liquid comes out the other side. The dog convulses, barks, foams from the mouth then dies. That was called Rabies, that what Pasteur did.

Pasteur also claimed he had the antidote to his virus, to push the vaccine concept. This vaccination agenda was propagated primarily in France. For the Germans, they had their antibiotics and Chemotherapy. Pasteur committed fraud in all his undertakings. But he was human enough to document his deceits in diaries parallel to his primary lab books. He decreed that these records must never be publicized. His family naturally obtained great wealth.

But the last male ancestor of Pasteur did not obey the decree. And he leaked the records to the American Princeton University and in 1993 Professor Gerald Geison publicized an analysis in English language that revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies.

For instance, vaccinated animals, if they survived, had not been poisoned. The control group of animals that died without vaccines were poisoned massively and so on. That was Pasteur. Pasteur is the inventor of the idea of a micro pathogen (smaller than a bacteria) that cannot be seen in the optical microscope (because he had made it all up) but which always makes its poison, the diseases causing poison. This supported the model of illness which was used for centuries. A model that is based on the premise of war, not on the premise of symbiosis, as is the real workings of nature.

In order to solidify this "virus' model and to have political leverage against England, Pasteur postulates the idea of a virus. But Pasteur did not anticipate the arrival of the electron microscope in the future, which has a much higher magnification as the optical microscope, that would allow us to see small structures that weren't visible before. And with this electron microscope available to science after WW II, it was possible to visualize structure one-thousandth the size of a bacterium. They observed spores that were still capable of staying alive. It was recognized that bacteria generate spores when they die slowly. If they die rapidly, like when they are heated or dried out, then they produce even smaller particles that cannot live by themselves, but they consist of proteins and bear a nucleic acid in the center and they will provide other bacteria, the ones that survived, with nutrients, so they can overcome the crisis situation. This was observed in the cases of bacteria, in other very simple organisms. In fungi, in amoeba, in my research, I first found it in very simple algae from the ocean.

But it was never observed in a human or animal or plant. You can verify this with very little effort.

Reasons why living things cannot survive in an electron microscope:

1. The power of the electron beam is directed at the sample.

2. The vacuum inside the microscope.

3. All samples must be coated with METAL! "

The Reality of The Covid "Vaccine" Experiment. Transhumanism or Death

Those Who Survive Will Be Genetically Altered and Primed For The ioT (internet of things). They can have memories and thoughts implanted or removed, remotely.. and they will never even know it happened. This is FACT.

(sidenote: There are many, many, many more accounts than what I'm showing below. I just don't have any more energy to screen shot and upload)

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