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Whistleblower Exposes John Roberts, Killary, Epstein & Pence Child Trafficking and Murder (full version).

I have a section on my website entitled "Epstein," where I posted four short video clips that are part of this whistleblowers testimony to the FBI. This whistleblower account exposes the fact that Hillary Clinton, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Rod Rosenstein were responsible for the murder of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. It exposes the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts has children that were taken from Wales via their trafficking operation, and acts as their "father." It exposes the fact that Pence was always involved with these people and acted as one of their allies who would never back Trump at the electoral college vote, when he was the only person with the power to approve investigations into the mountains of voter fraud evidence that could've prevented Biden from becoming the fake President CEO of the dying USA CORP.

I know that everyone is in a different stage of their awakening. I woke up somewhere around 2007-2008, but it took me a few years to start digging much deeper into the hidden reality that exists in the shadows. Since I've been doing this for many years now, I've traveled down every level of the rabbit hole that one can enter. Throughout my journey I've seen it all. Most of the time, when a person goes that deep down the rabbit hole, they see some things that are extremely traumatic, shocking, horrifying and all around disgusting. When I reached this point many years ago, I understood that I needed to spend some time in this difficult aspect of truth, if I wanted to truly grasp the magnitude of the evil that has controlled this reality since the beginning of recorded history. You see, that's the thing.. I've said (and others have said) that this country (the USA) was taken over about 150 years ago, on several occasions. That statement is technically true if you are talking about the date where the final pillar fell that officially converted the citizens of the USA into literal property of the Crown and Black Nobility. However, the complete truth is that this world has always been controlled by pure evil, there was never a time where a wealthy and powerful minority held no power over the majority. The kicker here is that there have been different groups fighting for control throughout the ages, as each of these groups believe it is their "god given right" to rule the world and decide who gets to live a happy life and who has to live a life full of hardship and struggle. The reason I'm telling you this is because it's important to understand that the "swamp" or "deep state" or Khazarian Mafia or Jesuit Black Nobility or globalist cartel (and so on and so forth) have always been in control throughout the ages.. it's just been different families, different societies, different orders, different sects, different religious groups, different rulers.. but this world has never been truly free and without a group of child murdering parasites controlling the majority by any means they’ve deemed necessary.

If you have not reached the depths of the rabbit hole, that is perfectly fine. When you do and if you choose to go that deep, you will realize there are certain topics that the average person will never believe, because they will never be able to comprehend the level of trauma and evil that exits at these levels, especially if they don't even understand extremely basic truths. Basic truths as in the truth about vaccines being used to create ailments, disease and death.. and never once being used to help your immune system prevent disease or illness. There are certain topics you will come across, one in particular is about Milabs. Milabs is a horrible program that targets children all over the world who are born with very high psychic or spiritual abilities. There are a wide variety of psychic attributes humans possess and certain people will have stronger gifts in one category than another. These children are targeted from birth through many different channels and they are tracked from the time they take their first breath. Many of these children will eventually be kidnapped or even sold by their own parents for huge amounts of money to be taken and used in the Milabs program, where they will be experimented on, studied, used for specific purposes and worst of all.. forced to endure levels of trauma that the average person will not be willing to accept or even comprehend. These children come from all over the world, but the easiest targets for these type of programs are children born outside of the United States.

So why am I taking the time to explain all of this to you? I'm doing it because you need to understand that many people within the world power structure, including disgusting pedophile murders like Mike Pence, are heavily involved in the Milabs program and other programs just like it. These "people" (if you can even call them that.. hint hint) exhibit an appetite for such unspeakable acts that are typically committed against children (an unfathomable amount of children) that they all need to be exterminated from existence. I made a decision many years ago, which was that once I was finished learning about this extremely traumatic level of the rabbit hole.. that I would step away from these topics and only return if there was a necessary reason to do so. The problem with these dark levels of the truth is that the person going far down the rabbit hole can be exposed to such a vast about of trauma by looking into these things, that it can literally fuck you up on a psychological level.. permanantly, especially if you are a survivor of trauma. You have to be responsible and make sure you're not putting yourself in a position where you no longer want to exist or can exist in "normal" life anymore. Doing so will be detrimental to your health and can have a huge effect on those around you, especially your family and children. We have to "put on a happy face" and pretend like we still fit in normal society, or the entire purpose of "waking up" will be lost in translation. Do not do this if it will fuck up your own life, you still have to live and thrive.. or you've gone too far.

Anyways, I just want you to know that the below video is only beginning to expose the surface level of the crimes being committed against children and humanity.

Much love.

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