The Pedo Dominos Are Falling Faster Than U Can Say "Slow, Painful, Death For All of Them."

There will be no victory for humanity unless we protect the women and children of the world. If they are not protected from the predatory crimes of the wicked, then there will never be a perpetual balance of divine harmony that can, or will, ever exist.

The Self Appointed "EL-ites" View Themselves as Lion's... Who Sit Atop The Societal Food Chain.

Why Do You Think 2021 Is The Year They Are Doing The Below, To The Masses? Their Only Way Out Is By Genetically Modifying As Many People As Possible, In An Attempt To Control Us Via Demiurge Technology. Fortunately, There Are Hundreds and Hundreds of Millions of Us.. WHO AREN'T BUYING THEIR VACCINE RECOMBINANT RNA TECHNOLOGY FAKE PANDEMIC FEAR BASED BULLSHIT.

The so called "elite" parasitic bloodlines are so sick and demented, they wholeheartedly believe that in human society, they're akin to Lions. They believe they're the ones who are meant to rule and that nobody can stop them, because they are atop the food chain. Just like a Lion, they're a predatory class that have been easily kidnapping, exploiting, torturing, imprisoning, killing and CONSUMING human beings who are less powerful than them. Their generational crimes against humanity that have allowed them steal and acquire all of our wealth, have put them in a position where they can do whatever they want without any consequence. A Lion kills because it's driven by huger, and the survival of it's pride by any means necessary. They (parasitic) "elite" parasites, kill for sport, entertainment, lust, sexual appetite, and addiction. These people are born into this world with so much money, that they could never figure out a way to actually spend it all. They no longer crave wealth because they know nothing else but wealth. They crave power and the ability to fully control you and me, and they've continued to rape and pillage the world in an attempt to convert us all into permanent slaves by way of technology and mind control. At this level of society, the only competition these parasites have is the other falsely anointed, self appointed ruling bloodlines who all have a thirst for the blood of innocent children. These people are fucking disgusting and they all NEED TO BE EXTERMINATED FROM EXISTANCE. It has been said that a person who drinks human blood and consumes human flesh over a period of time, begins to develop a craving and an acquired taste for it. Dracula is everywhere, and he's never stopped taking what he wants, especially because Dracula lives in a giant castle. A castle so large that a person who dares to go there in person, could easily end up getting "lost," without ever being found again. Once the general public is shown that all of these poor, innocent children that go missing.. ARE ALL BEING TAKEN TO THE SAME PLACES, BY THE SAME PEOPLE. The "kidnappers" might be different, but they are all being hired by the same people. That's not to say there aren't random, sick people out there that do the same, however, the majority of children are all being taken by the same parasites.

2021. What A Perfect Time For Dracula To Die

There are genuinely good people that exist within our previously corrupted military, who have been forced to abide by the rules of a bunch of child killing parasites for TOO LONG. These amazing HUMANS have shapeshifted.. or better yet... transformed into a bunch of modern day Van Helsings. Those of us who have worked tirelessly to expose these parasites by way of digital information, are also modern day Van Helsings. You have to remember that only a few years ago, the "digital warrior" was laughed at and mocked by others, because "bitching about things that you can never change, online, will do nothing and is a waste of time." Fuck that entire "there's nothing I can do to change it, so I'm just gonna sit back and be a little fucking bitch" mentality. Many of these unaware drones are going to be in for a rude awakening, no matter how much energy they've expended trying to hide from all of the information that's been surfacing at every turn. I don't blame them for their ignorance, because I know why they're ignorant... and I will still be here to assist them during this time of transition. You see, there's a feeling within the collective that cannot be denied. Although the mind of the programmed sheep continues to lie to their hearts, there is this "knowing" inside them, where they can start to feel that things are not the way they've been led to believe throughout the course of their lives (unless they've taken to covid "vaccine," in that case, they won't feel anything). Their intuition is trying to tell them to open their eyes and consider possibilities that they might've denied in the past, or things they've never heard or known anything about.

We Are Entering A Time That I Call, "The Era of Truth and Factuality"

This period in time will be celebrated in perpetuity. For this is the era of Truth and Factuality. The "age of atrocities" (fitting, right?) is coming to an end, and the only way forward is by decimating the lies that have been speeding through the minds of the masses, faster than the 750 horsepower, 0-16 in 2.5 seconds, Porsche Tycan. How do you decimate the lies? You have to show the people that they've been lied to.. but in a way where they see things that are so utterly shocking, traumatic and appalling, that an instant fire is lit under their lazy, denialistic asses.. and they're FORCED TO ACCEPT that the people they've respected, defended, supported and most of all.. IDOLIZED throughout the course of their lives, are the ones responsible for all of the misery, hardship, disease, death, struggle, agony, heartbreak, torment, despair, anguish, depression, worry, torture, torment, squalor.. and every other fucking noun that this online thesaurus is giving me as I type these words.

Those of you who still doubt that a well coordinated effort to rid the world of many "bloodline pyramids" who give orders to and control every lower ranking criminal and pedo under them, is not underway... are refusing to look deeply into the situation. I understand the reason why people are cautious around this topic. I fully understand it. I feel it. I know it. But there comes a time where you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable.. meaning.. actually take a chance and look deeply into a topic that has been dividing the "truth" community. Make your own decision. I feel like many people in this community are so fearful of being wrong and looking dumb when it comes to this topic, that it stunts their growth in many ways. Being wrong is not the end of the world. No one is always right, and anyone who misleads people into believing the latter, is an informational con artist. The most respectable thing a person can do is correct their error once they realize they were wrong... or misinterpreted something.. or missed something within a topic. People who openly come out and say "I was wrong about _____. I now understand that _____ is the correct information," is the most respectable person in society. This person puts pride aside for TRUTH! This person values truth and accuracy over the admiration of others. My point is that in life, there's hardly ever a worthy reward that doesn't involve some form of risk. Those who take risk without calculating the "failure / success" or "risk / reward" ratio pertaining to the situation, are careless and fail more than they succeed. However, when the only risk is "being incorrect" or "becoming caught up in a psyop," the reward outweighs this insignificant risk 1,000,000 to 1.

Either take the time to look deeply into the topic, or please... don't talk about it or tell others anything about it. No matter what the topic is, a person who doesn't understand the in's and out's of a topic, yet speaks on it.. is a moron. This unfortunate situation is a PILLAR that modern day society is built upon. This is why many conversations between two people begin with "HEY DID YOU HEAR ______?"

Lots of love. #3030vision. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Stay Calm. Ignore The Media. Ignore The Sheep. OPEN YOUR EYES AND CLOSE YOUR EARS... the rest will follow.

Can you see it now? MJ reached a point where he refused to comply with the agenda of these disgusting pedophiles... so what did they do to try to get MJ back in line? They smeared his image by paying parents to lie and say that their kids were molested by him. Didn't you ever wonder why after MJ was accused of child molestation, PARENTS CONTINUED TO BRING THEIR FUCKING KIDS TO GO VISIT HIM AT NEVERLAND RANCH??

That makes sense right?

Michael Jackson is a child molester... What better thing to do than take my child to Neverland Ranch and let them sleep over with Michael Jackson. Not like anything bad can happen.

Hahahaha. How did people not see this shit for what it was? Fluoride and ELF's running through their minds.. that's how.

What does a pedo do fuck you over?? They accuse you of doing the same exact thing they've been doing to children for years... exacept.. what they do.. is much, much, much worse than what they accused MJ of doing.

MJ was first accused of child molestation in 1993, when dentist Evan Chandler said Jackson had sexually abused his 13-year-old son, Jordan. HOWEVER, MJ wasn't formally charged with child molestation until 2003, when he was accused of "impropriety" with 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo, a kid MJ befriended. MJ was never convicted of child molestation, but these media stunts ruined his reputation and caused him to go into a mass depression. They were controlling MJ 24 hours a day. He was a literal slave.

You don't think it's a coincidence that the very doctor who gave MJ his "death shot" was a high ranking mason... do you? Dr. Conrad Murray.. was sentenced to 4 years in prison for giving MJ acute Propofol intoxication, after injecting MJ as a treatment for his "INSOMNIA." Murray only did 2 fucking years in prison and was released. He played his role and was rewarded for his service to his masters.

Murray is a Scottish Rite Master Mason.

Do You Think It's A Coincidence That MJ's Neverland Ranch Logo.. is a "Q"? MJ and Trump Were Close Friends.

I can understand why Michael Jackson truly loved children so much. He never had a childhood. He was forced into "industry slavery" by his own parents before he even turned 10 years old. Michael knew what the pedo's were doing to children all over the world and he was a threat to them. He was a giant loose end they needed to tie up to avoid exposure.


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