The Many Faces of Joe Biden And The Presidency That Never Was [clone lives matter]

Updated: Feb 6

Joe Biden isn’t conducting any business in the real Oval Office inside the White House. Is he even conducting any Presidential business?? Or is this just all a big fucking show for the sheeple? LOL. Is he just following orders trying to reverse all of the “problems” that Trump created, or did Joe secretly surrender only to be controlled behind the scenes by people who are making him look like a complete idiot on purpose?

The man we see on TV, the guy that the media is covering for, by coming out with an article entitled "'It's obvious': Cosmetic surgeons say Biden had facelift before 2020 campaign." is not the "real" Joe Biden. The real Joe Biden is no longer gracing the world with his presence. Some have said that the real Biden died years ago. Others have said that he was executed not too long ago. Whatever the truth may be, if you don't know how deep and advanced human cloning is by now, then you won't understand that the man you are seeing is most likely a malfunctioning clone of Biden. The rabbit hole is deep and there are many paths you can take, however, human cloning is a topic worth understanding, otherwise you won't know how prevalent clones are throughout Hollywood, politics, finance, sports, etc. Most, if not all of them experience common "errors," that reveal who is and who isn't a clone. I posted a video recently, showing how these clones malfunction, where they lose all motor functions and then usually fall to the floor or "faint." If you haven't seen the video, definitely check it out.. but before you do, I have some information to share with you. (The World of Clones and How To Tell The Difference)

First, we need to look at Q and how past posts are being validated today

Many people have spent lots of time and energy calling "Q" a psyop and warning others to not fall victim to this scam. I can't fault them for that because I fully understand why they feel this way. People are free to feel anyway they want about Q, but for me personally, since about November of 2020, I've seen that Q has an extremely high probability of being 100% legitimate and not the typical psyop that certain people make it out to be. Q is proving that it has peered through the looking glass (technology) and seen the future. "Future Proves Past" is the well known saying associated with Q, and that's exactly what seems to be happening. The "future" (what we're experiencing today) is proving the past (when the information was first posted online). I know every theory and opinion associated with this topic, but I don't operate based on other peoples opinions, I operate based on logic, common sense, research and intuition. I've had an extremely high accuracy rate with this method, but nothing is full proof all of the time. The funniest thing regarding Q is the mainstream media narrative that programs the "normies" to believe that Q is a terrorist organization comprised of neo-Nazis and racist white people who are a threat to the entire country. Big tech would never go to war with something unless it was a threat to them. The fact that twitter and fakebook have banned an unfathomable number of people and accounts who have discussed this topic, is extremely telling. I know, I know... it's just all part of the mass psyop right? LOL.

Back in 2017, when the "Q Drops" started coming out, people would wait for each "drop" and try to figure out the meaning. Critics of Q within the truth community would read the drops and bring up the fact that most of the information being provided at the time, didn't actually happen like Q said it would. Although I know many people who researched this topic deeply, including people like Bernhard Guenther, who I wholeheartedly respect, I never took the time or expended the energy to look deeply into the information. Therefore, I really didn't have a relevant opinion on the matter. The reason I bring up Bernhard is because he wrote an amazing piece on Q, and unlike most people, he looks at things from a much different standpoint in his research. His piece was very thought provoking and served as one of the first write ups that made me want to spend some time and really look deeper into this whole situation.

Future really does prove past, and it continues to prove the past every single day. Over the past few months, I realized that most of the information provided by Q, was never meant to be relevant at the time it was first posted. There are different aspects within the "drops" that are meant to be relevant for different reasons, at different times.

Q would drop information on specific dates, knowing that in the future, people would come to discover that the posts they read two to three years ago, were always meant to be relevant now.. and not back then.

Let's look at one of the final drops provided by Q on November 12th 2020

The post begins with:

"Shall we play a game?

[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming


At the time this message was dropped online, people took it for what it was. It goes on to reference hyperlinks to NSCWIC and Bryan Ware, who "stepped down" right after evidence started to pop up of an obvious coup to get Biden in office, by any means necessary. A treasonous coup committed by American sellout politicians, businessmen, corporations, big tech, silicon valley, etc. and foreign governments. This made sense because Brian Ware was high up at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and probably played a role in allowing the cyber warfare attack against Trump, to prevail.

So what's the big deal about the top portion of this "Q Drop"?? Why am I highlighting this post from November 12th, 2020?

Well, lets fast forward to the end of January, 2021. The mainstream media and it's child murdering owners were making a huge deal about a group of Reddit investors, who took a play out of the "Wall Street Elite" playbook by doing nothing more than giving them a taste of their own medicine.

The situation went like this:

A bunch of hedge funds made huge bets that GameStop stock would drop and basically bankrupt. So they borrowed stock & sold it, thinking they could buy it back later at a lower price. This coordinated effort involved lots of people, so they ended up borrowing and selling the equivalent of about 125% of all the shares. The private Reddit investors knew this was going to happen based on info being discussed in the Reddit group, so a bunch of individual/private investors came up with the idea that if they could all work together and start buying up GameStop shares at the same time, then they could prevent the price from falling and actually drive up the price of the stock.

So this is what they did. All together. All at the same time. They waited for the Wall Street tycoons to sell sell sell.. and then they bought bought bought.. which the Wall Street "elites" didn't see coming. As the Reddit investors started to push up the price of the stock a bit, the hedge funds were forced to start buying back the shares that they sold, so they could return the ones that they borrowed. The only problem was... there were not enough shares available, so the demand was higher than supply. This "squeezed" the shorted shares and drove up the price of the stock. This caused Melvin Capital, an elite hedge fund representing over 13 billion dollars of assets funded by their investors, to lose billions of dollars when they all thought they were about to cash in.

So why does this matter?

Thats why.

The words "game?" and "[S}top" were perfectly aligned on the above Q drop. Is this just coincidence? I don't think so.

This looks to be another accurate "prediction," two months before this wall street fiasco happened. Many people will have a different opinion on the meaning behind this. Did something big just happen behind the scenes? Did Q just STOP the elite GAME that they've been playing with ease for decades upon decades? Anyone can give their opinion or just go the easy route and say "See.. it's a complete psyop."

To me, this represents the power that the "digital warriors" hold. It proves that that Redditors could exploit something as big as Wall Street which was previously untouchable, by using nothing more than a keyboard, a computer screen and a connection to the internet. This is exactly what happened in 2016 when a mysterious group of people came together on 4chan and started creating and sharing memes related to corruption, pedophilia, child trafficking, child sacrifice, hidden cults, etc.. in an attempt to disrupt the previously untouchable, elite dominated and controlled "election narrative." The wealthy pedo's underestimated the power of the digital warrior, which caused them to act complacent and not create enough fake votes to push Hillary over the top. You better believe they cheated big for Hillary in 2016, but they never thought so many people would vote for Trump, because they used every trick in the book to program the masses with false narratives which had never failed up until that point.


The above Q drop # 4414 from June 4th, 2020 has been known to be the order in which major events would take place behind the scenes, that would be the beginning of the end of the world power structure. I'm sure you've seen this post many times, like we all have.

Low and behold on January 8th, 2021, Twitter decided to permanently ban Donald Trump from their platform because his words were dangerous "hate speech" that could cause issues by inciting his followers to coordinate "terrorist attacks" against the American people. Sounds pretty "terroristy" to me. "Hate speech" is nothing more than information that puts the elite power structure at risk of exposure to their number one fans, the sheep.

Is this another part of the giant psyop? Or, is this another use of "looking glass" technology combined with a "Q"uantum computer, in an attempt to peek into the future and look at the probability of different outcomes based on specific moves being made to trigger specific events? Without going too deep into this specific Q Drop, the only thing that you need to understand is the last line, right above where it says "Q."

The last line says "CASTLE_ROCK"

Well, up until the inauguration, no one knew what CASTLE_ROCK meant. Maybe a few people did, but personally, I had no fucking clue what it meant and I never stopped for more than a second to question it's meaning. That was up until images started flowing around showing Joe Biden in the fake Oval Office. Information began to surface that Joe was not in Washington D.C. when he was filmed signing blank executive orders.. nope.. "Joe" was inside a studio recreation of the Oval Office set, that's been used for many Hollywood movies and TV shows. Castle Rock Entertainment is a film industry company owned by Time Warner. Some people are still doubting my words and thinking that my tin foil hat is on nice and tight.

There are many images floating around of what the fake Oval Office studio looks like compared to the real Oval Office. Let's take a look at some of them:

This below comparison is pretty telling.

Read the title of the article. It's hilarious because Trump poked fun at the fact that Biden would not be given access to the real White House, since he cheated and lost. Plus, the guy pretending to be Biden is not even Biden. So I guess Trump was trolling the clone Biden and the real (dead) Biden at the same time.

The painting on the wall is identical to the painting used in "Independence Day." Trump was really trolling on this one. Could Biden's people be this fucking stupid.. or could there be something bigger at play? Could these actors be following orders of a bigger authority that is now in charge? Maybe a military authority tasked with keeping the nation safe until the USA CORP can be officially dissolved and the 19th president of the organic office of the unincorporated united states can be sworn in?

And so on and so forth.

Only a blind person wouldn't be able to see the striking differences between the fake Oval Office that clone Joe, the "not" a President has been pictured in, versus the Oval Office we've seen our entire lives. You would never notice these differences though, if it wasn't for your friendly neighborhood psyop, Q.

Now, Let Us Look At Actual Proof of "Biden" Being Filmed At The Studio Recreation of the Oval Office

The fake Oval Office isn't that far from where I live. I should drive there and check it out. Joe's Oval Office is located in Culver City, California, at "The Culver Studios" which includes “Amazon Studios."

Here you go, come meet me over there. We can smoke a joint or a blunt, and reminisce about the good ol days. You know, the days when we used to be sleeping sheep and never even bothered to consider that groups of elite pedophiles were out to kill us and take everything we have by using a variant of the flu to play the role of a deadly virus, which would act as a precursor to us giving up all of our rights, while preventing us from working and making money to feed our families? Ahhh, those were the good ol' days...

The Culver Studios - 9336 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Smack dab in the heart of Los Angeles. The City of Pedo's.

Now, go ahead and watch the two below videos showing a short and then a long version of the same clip. I'm adding both of them because they both point out different aspects of the proof. The proof that Biden has never even stepped foot inside the Oval Office inside the White House.

Oh... but before you watch the below videos, you should know that Q post # 3782 from January 22nd, 2020 looks like this:

It has a simple message: "Castle Clean." Now remember what I said above, Q is proving it's relevance by showing you that the future (which is now) is proving the past (date info was posted). If you take the time to go through the Q posts ( you will notice that not only does the future prove the past, but Q drops were posted on specific dates that events would occur.. but in the future. The date of the above post was was January 22nd, 2020. Biden's fake inauguration occurred on January 18th, 2021. Four days later was January 22nd, 2021. By this time Biden should've been living it up in the White House, getting high with Hunter with a fresh batch of crack running around ass naked inside the Oval Office. However, Q told us that the "Castle" was "Clean" on January 22nd. Funny enough, the White House has been dark for many nights since that time, with no activity going on at night, no lights, nothing. All fenced off from the public where no one can access, with Military occupying the area. Just another part of the planned psyop, I know. But, this looks like a “counter” psyop, created to help the masses awaken. Because once the masses awaken, there is no going back.

Okay, back to the videos...

Video Number One

Proof that Biden was signing executive orders in Culver City, CA. Oh, and this is also proof that the media "reporters" and "journalists" are complicit in this cover up.

Video Number Two

Extended version

NOTICE THE SUV SITTING OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, ON THE EXACT DRIVEWAY THAT CAN BE SEEN AT THE CULVER STUDIOS. Go and compare the real Oval Office garden to this Oval Office and you will realize we are looking at two different places.

The Next Short Video Is From The Culver Studios Own Website. It's Showing The Future of Their Studios. It Also Shows Their Beautiful Fake White House That Is Right Next To Their Fake Oval Office

Look at "Building C."

Some more proof for you to show your friends and family members who think you're full of shit.

Oh look. It's the nice little driveway where that SUV was sitting, right outside what should be the White House Rose Garden. You sneaking little son of a clone! You pulled the wool over our eyes. Wool is for sheep, silly pedo.

Across the street, "Sony Pictures Entertainment." You're watching a giant movie.

How about this. Glenn Beck showing us that there's more of these Oval Office replicas that can be used in case one location becomes compromised. This one is at GBTV Studios in Dallas, Texas.

Then you have this woman who drove over there. She beat me to it! LOL. She has about 5 videos (part 1, 2, 3, etc.) on her youtube page showing good footage of Culver Studios. In the below video, which is part one, she shows there are lights on inside the "White House" at Culver Studios. Also, how perfect is it that all of the major studios are closed down due to Covid 19? I mean, what a perfect way to pull this shit off when no employees are there to witness it. There is construction happening at Culver Studios during the day, which is another perfect way to cover for random people who need to enter the premises for any hidden purposes.

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