The Future Continues To Prove The Past

Looks like everything is happening as planned. That’s what happens when you use LOOKING GLASS REMOTE VIEWING TECHNOLOGY to see into the future. Future timelines and probabilities become available, however, timelines and probabilities can change if certain key events provide different results before the potential future outcome occurs. With that being said, everything is right on schedule. From the way things have been playing out, it seems like March and April will be very interesting and possibly historic moving forward.

Through The Looking Glass

Today is February 18th. The next symbolic date right around the corner is March 11th. March 11th is a popular date for the evil parasites (not fully human) that are responsible for all of the death and destruction this world has seen for thousands of years. March 11th is symbolic because the date is written "03/11" or "3/11." Gematria shapes the world we experience and it's been used by occult forces to dictate specific events, which are usually events that are not in the best interest of humanity. When you multiply 3 x 11, you get "33." 33 is one of the most esoterically symbolic numbers for these beings. I say "beings," because they are not completely human. To my knowledge, no number holds more esoteric significance than 33. It's a Trinity in Christianity and a Triple Goddess for the ancients. Julius Caesar was stabbed 33 times. Christ died at age 33. Occult poets throughout history have used the number 33 to alert the "initiated" reader that something important is connected to that specific passage within their writings. People like William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Dante, Spense and others have used the number 33 in this exact way. 33 reflects the union of the familiar world we've all known since childhood, with the higher spiritual realm. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet," the Ghost is represented in the first scene with an entrance described in a sentence with 33 characters. And Horatio addresses the ghost in 33 characters as he leaves. “Stay: Speake, speake, I charge thee, speake.” In Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" the ghost of Caesar visits Brutus in a passage that starts with a 33-character sentence, “That shapes this monstrous apparition.” Brutus recovers from the shock and addresses the ghost in a 33-word sentence.

The ancient city of Babylon was near the 33rd-degree latitude line and modern Baghdad is on the 33rd parallel. This area is said to have been the Garden of Eden. Heading west, the line passes through Damascus, Beirut, and onto two Templar castles one exactly on the 33rd latitude the other at 32.71. The light of the sky is embodied by the Sun with the solar year divided by the sun’s cycle of 11.06 years, equaling 33. The Sun, defined as a circumference of 360 degrees divided by 11, equals 32.72.” When you cross the ocean, the 33rd parallel brings you to Charleston, South Carolina, which was the original site of Scottish Rite masonry. It's not a coincidence that Fort Sumter, was the location where the first shot was fired in the Civil War. JFK was killed in Dallas, Texas. Dallas is on the 33rd parallel and killed on November 22nd. 11+22 = 33. There are 33 vertebrae in the spine, which directly connects to both the Kundalini and reverse Kundalini. Obviously Kundalini is a spiritual awakening. Reverse Kundalini is a tool used by the elites, where they use sodomy as a means of control. They use it to control people in the music industry, sports, government, finance, among others. During a Kundalini awakening, energy is shifted up the spine. During a reverse Kundalini imprisonment, energy shifts down the spine. I don't want to stray off topic, so do your own research about the vagus nerve and the Kundabuffer/reverse Kundalini rituals to understand why this is important. The spinal column is Jacob's Ladder and it's also known as the serpent. There are 33 turns in a sequence of DNA. When you put two "3's" together (33) they offer a design that is said to represent "as above, so below." There are many others reasons 33 is symbolic, not mentioned here.

Because 33 is a very powerful number to these occultists, they often do evil shit on dates with 33 symbology. The Tsunami that destroyed Fukushima, happened on 3/11/2011. It wasn't really a tsunami, it was a underwater nuke that was activated to trigger this event. On March 11, 2004, 193 people are killed and nearly 2,000 are injured when 10 bombs explode on four trains in three Madrid-area train stations during a busy morning rush hour. The bombs were later found to have been detonated by mobile phones. All you have to do is look up the history of March 11th or any date with 33 numerology and you will come to realize that evil things have been done on all of these dates throughout the years.

The Babylonian Calendar

The "elites" don't use the bullshit "Gregorian" calendar, nor do they use the Julian or Mayan calendars. They use the Babylonian calendar, which means that "New Years Day" for them is on April 1st, annually. They love doing things around this time of year because the masses are unable to connect the dots between the Babylonian new year and world events. There would be no bigger kick in the ass to these evil pieces of shit, than to tear down the child rape country of Washington D.C. during their precious Babylonian New Year. The USA Corporation will be dissolved and it will soon be null in void. The entire city of D.C. is nothing more than a Ba'al & Moloch worshipping religious city, that's literally been built on the ritualized murder of children. Every part of D.C. from the monuments to the streets to the underground tunnels were all created to honor evil.

Why do you think there are tunnels that have been used in D.C. since its inception?

Child trafficking, easy escape and hidden crimes committed by these parasites.

Why do you think the Washington Monument was built?

To honor Ba'al. I call the Washington Monument "Ba'al's Dick," because that's exactly what it is. A giant penis or phallus to honor Ba'al.

Why do you think there is a secret multilevel base directly under the White House?

As difficult as it is for me to say this, it's so they have an easy access supply of children at their disposal. The crimes committed by these "people," are beyond horrific. Whatever the absolute worst thing you can think of, that's related to children.. the complete truth of what they've been doing to these innocent souls... is a thousand times worse. You need to understand that there is a lot of misinformation regarding adrenalized blood, or "adrenochrome." Yes, there have been studies done showing that it provides a drug like "high," but the complete truth is much bigger than that. Mostly every president before Donald J. Trump has been a Draco/Human hybrid. These beings literally consume the blood of children and traumatize these poor children on such unfathomable levels during rituals where they open portals for specific Archons to rise up out of the "pit." These beings literally need the purest human blood to prevent their true form from showing, which most people refer to as a shapeshift. As the schumann resonance scale continues to rise, the natural progression of the earth is reaching a point near what many people call "ascension." This means that these evil parasitic beings are not able to keep their fully human form up as long without exposing what they really look like. For this reason, they consume fresh adrenalized blood every single day, to prevent their hologram from decloaking or showing digitization errors, especially on video. Some of us can see these beings for what they are if we were to walk by them in real life, but most of the population can only notice the digital errors on video. Donald Trump is not fully human either, however, he represents the "light," not the "dark." He is their worst enemy and the biggest threat to their existence. They never meant for him to become president in 2016.. and they made a huge mistake by not manufacturing enough fake votes to ensure Killary won the race. This was the biggest mistake they could've made, because it allowed Trump and the alliance to make countless changes as well as extremely important executive orders while he was there. He led a mission to rescue children from deep underground military bases all over the world. Trump is not only the best president in USA history, he is one of the best people to ever exist. Those of us who can see through mind control programming and who are in tune with our intuition, can see this hands down. This is why children are being rescued from under the White House, and this is why Trump was not aware there were children under the White House until recently. His enemies did not want him to know, because they did not want their supply to run out.

The alliance is going to make one giant final attack on the Babylonian death cult, and they are going to do it during a symbolic time for these parasites. There is no bigger "FUCK YOU" than shutting them the fuck down during their "holiest" time of year.. and near their New Year's Eve celebration.

- Matrixbreaker #3030vision

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