The Chess Pieces Are Falling

This is a big deal people. Benjamin De Rothschild, heir to "storied banking fortune," dies at 57. Well GOD BLESS THE ENTIRE WORLD. If you think this is a "random occurrence," it's really time you start looking and thinking much deeper. Our world is being rid of the parasites who have exploited our ancestors, exploited us and have planned to exploit and torture our children. For those of you who know me well, you know that I don't operate off of "HOPIUM." I make sure to gain the best possible understanding before I profess anything or advise anyone of anything. I don't care how you felt about the current situation we're in, a few weeks ago. I'm telling you friends, there is a real operation to rid the world of the most vile people (if you can even call them that) to ever exist. This goes far beyond what many people understand. This is not just a war for the survival of humanity, this is an ancient war that goes beyond human beings. This war has to do with ancient beings and bloodlines who are not human. Ancient beings who pose as human, but most are not. Adrenochrome isn't just about getting high, most of these "beings" need human blood to appear normal. I won't take you on a "reptilian" journey at the moment, all I wanted to do is share the beautiful news with you that evil is being taken out.. and will continue to be taken out. It's time you look deeper into "Looking Glass Technology" and the ability to use literal "stargates" to remote view into all possible scenarios and probabilities of the future. If you've looked into the Q movement, then you probably know that the first "Q Drops" from 2017 never really made that much sense back then. What's absolutely mind blowing is that the drops from 2017 are literally starting to become relevant NOW. The future was seen by a faction of good people (and beings) who have put everything on the line to come through for humanity. Donald Trump is only a small part of this mission, but he has played his role and played it well. I am excited to tell you that our futures and our children's futures will be much better than anything any of us have experienced thus far in our lifetimes.

As I said in my video last night... I am not here to convince you of anything. The best thing for me to do is simply say... "don't believe me? just watch."


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