Telling The Difference Between Reality and "Magick"

We've reached a time where magick is indistinguishable from reality. Technology is magick. If you had witnessed the same technology 3,000 years ago, you would've called it "sorcery" or "magick" or "demonic." Technology available in mainstream society is always a watered down version, which is no where close to what's actually possible. This creates a huge problem for society, because the public's perception of technology is not matching the current state of technology. This allows for public manipulation and denialism, because (most of) the public will never know if they're seeing something real or fake, if they don't even understand the true possibility of technology at its highest level.

I just wanted to post a few quick examples, showing how easily the general public can and has been manipulated.

This is Portl. This is showing how easily someone can appear to be in one place, while they're anywhere in the world. This.. and much higher technological classified versions of this can fool many people, especially if the "portl" is being filmed where you can't see the "box" around it.

This is an example showing how everything can be edited and modified in real time. This proves that not only facial features, hair color, body features, etc. can be manipulated in real time, but the persons voice can be easily changed. Seems like a good way to fake Joe Biden's face and voice, considering the real Biden is dead.

The below is an example proving that people cannot even distinguish reality anymore. How many Presidential addresses have involved a President who isn't even there. Who's alive? Who's dead? Who fucking knows. This is what I mean where the public can easily be manipulated, thinking someone is alive or speaking, when the below shows that this was all created with AI.

I want you to notice how easy it is for people to us AI + CGI or HOLOGRAPHIC TECH to create fake people out of the blue. Notice how high the image resolution is. People can be created out of thin air. When you see that "terrorist shooter" on the news, how the fuck do you know if this person even exists? This can be used to set people up for crimes or control a narrative in a number of ways. This should not be shocking.. technology is much further ahead than this.

As I said above, these are just a few examples showing how well things can, are, and have been manipulated. Much love. #3030vision

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