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I'm fortunate that my immediate family understands the fuckery and dangers surrounding the Covid-19 (not a) vaccine. They are aware of the vaccine's true purpose because I've went out of my way to show them the truth of the matter. With that being said, the sad reality is that outside of my immediate family, most of my family and friends are caught up in the Covid fear porn scamdemic and they've allowed the manufactured fear to affect them on every level. I'm proud of the fact that I go above and beyond most people's research, with my unbiased, detailed research. Throughout the entire scamdemic, I've done my best to reach the most plausible conclusion regarding the validity of Covid 19 (certificate of vaccination identification). I've come to the conclusion that Covid 19 is in fact a biological weapon that was launched against the population of the world. I've also come to the conclusion that Covid 19 is nothing more than a variant of the flu. This is the only thing that makes sense when you look at the plummeting flu numbers during winter 2020-2021. This is why the CDC has openly stated that they will no longer be tracking the flu. Their excuse is that they're so busy tracking Covid 19, that they do not have the resources to track the flu moving forward. They have stated that they will not be tracking the flu.. INDEFINITELY. The real reason they are not tracking the flu moving forward is because they need to get rid of the evidence proving that they have been complicit in the biggest scam in human history. They have to get rid of the evidence, and by not tracking the flu anymore, a big part of the evidence proving they are complicit.. will be gone.

If you use the CDC's flu data, to compare the prevalence of the flu over the past few years, then you will come to realize that we are experiencing a MIRACLE. This miracle is the fact that the big bad flu, is now a scared little bitch, who's running away from the people of the world. The flu used to be a bully, but once the flu saw big bag Covid 19 hit the streets.. the flu decided to run away like the scared little fucking bitch that it's always been.

Let's look at the CDC's USA flu map from January of 2019. We must look at this to see how prevalent the flu was, a few months before it ran away from Covid, in fear of it's life

A Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report Prepared by the Influenza Division

2019-2020 Influenza Season Week 1 ending January 04, 2020

The darker the color, the harder hit an area has been by the flu. You can see that most of the map ranges between orange and dark red. This is indicating that most of the USA was hit very hard by the flu in January of 2020. Side note, if you are unaware, the reason the flu is so prevalent every year is because the flu shot is giving people the flu.

"But wait, I don't take the flu shot Trevor, and I still got the flu last year!!"

That's fine. But what you're not taking into consideration is that anybody who takes a vaccine is contagious for a minimum of 14-21 days. Humans constantly shed dry skin cells. If you are at the grocery store and you come across a person who is still contagious from their flu shot, and they shed any skin cells, then you my friend, can get the flu from them. It's called "vaccine shedding," and no, it's not a myth like the media so boldly claims it is. It's just another one of those pesky CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Damn tinfoil hat wearing sissies!

Now let's look at the CDC's flu map from January of 2021.

A Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report Prepared by the Influenza Division

2019-2020 Influenza Season Week 1 ending January 09, 2021

Well, whoopty fucking doo. It's a goddamn miracle! We're in the heart of our yearly flu season, yet, the flu is minimal to low all over the United States of America Corporation. So friends, we must ask ourselves a pertinent question. "How in the fuck did the flu virtually disappear in the heart of flu season?" I'll tell you how. It disappeared because Covid 19 is a variant of the flu. Therefore, all of the yearly sickness and death we experience from the flu, has now been converted into Covid 19. It's a fucking miracle. It's miraculous. It's fantastical. This calls for a fucking celebration. If you want, you can do exactly what I did and go through the months of December to February over the past 7-8 years on the CDC website, to compare the difference between the flu, year to year. You will come to find out that for the first time in a long time, the flu is virtually gone. I say again, ITS A GODDAMN MIRACLE.. WE SHOULD ALL GO OUT AND GET THE COVID VACCINE AND THE FLU VACCINE TO CELEBRATE! Free flu shots, get your freeeee flu shots.

The pathetic excuse the "elites" use to convince the sheep to get a yearly flu vaccine is that "the flu strains mutate from year to year, therefore it is very important to get a yearly flu vaccine to make sure your immune system can always produce antibodies that are capable of fighting off the newest mutation of the flu." This in itself is a multi-layered scam that allows the pharmaceutical companies to make billions upon billions of dollars every fucking year under the guise of flu mutation. It also gives them an excuse to tell the public to be the good little fucking sheep that they are, and to DO THEIR PART in combating the horrible seasonal flu. After all, WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! This way they have an excuse and vehicle to keep the flu alive and thriving, every single year. If people would wake the fuck up and stop taking their FREE FLU SHOTS, I guarantee you that the flu would literally disappear and the 600,000 plus influenza deaths that we see every year on a world-wide scale, would plummet faster than you can say "Joe Biden Just Faked His Inauguration At The CASTLE ROCK Sound Stage That Was Built To Look Like the White House."

I would like to leave you with the following message. It's time we start to realize how lucky we are that a faction of amazing people have been fighting to take down the global power structure, and that we are on the brink of witnessing change unlike anything we've seen in our lifetime. You have to sit back and laugh at multiple things that are happening right now:

You have to sit back and laugh at the sheep for allowing Donald Trump to trigger them by way of media manipulation and hateful/fear based programming. I have compassion for them and I understand they are about to be in for a life altering rude awakening. We were all sheep once, but some of us have stronger spiritual immune systems and an everburning fire within us that didn't allow us to remain docile and "normal."

You have to sit back and laugh at the so-called truthers who expend tons of energy trying to warn others that they are being caught up in a psyop to keep them complacent. God forbid they allow another person to be TRICKED! What a horrible outcome that would be! These are the people who didn't look deeply into Q, and just wrote it off as a controlled opposition psyop. These are the ones who were sitting there watching the clock, waiting for 12:00 EST to arrive yesterday, so they could go online and start telling everyone how "they warned you" that this was all a setup, and now that Biden has been inaugurated, the "plan" was fake and worthless. I've seen so many "truthers" come out of the woodwork to give a big "I TOLD YOU SO," yesterday after the fake inauguration. These people think they were always right and that nothing is going to happen, because Biden is now the President.

You have to sit back and laugh at the people who have "trusted the plan," while being naive enough to think that the plan was going to happen exactly like they were told. The people who haven't considered that the information they've been given has been truth mixed with tons of disinformation. You can't honestly believe that the enemy cannot see the same information being put out, that we can.. right? I hate to break it to you kids, but... a plan is happening right now, but it was never going to happen the way everybody said it was going to happen.. because if it did, the enemy would've been able to stop it from being a success.

There are many things we must sit back and laugh at. You have to laugh at the "truthers" who have said that Q was only created to make a digital database of patriots who are against the deep state, so they can be targeted for being a government dissenter. Yeah, that makes too much fucking sense right? They would need to create Q to make a database to go after patriots. Yeah, that has to be the truth! It's not like we all have cell phones with IP addresses that can be tracked. It's not like we all have browser history that can be tracked. It's not like we have years of social media posts that can be tracked. Yeah, they would need to make the Q psyop so they can finally track patriots who are against the deep state. Oh my god, this makes so much fucking sense.

Joe Biden was not inaugurated yesterday. Joe Biden was not at the White House yesterday. The fake inauguration was pre-recorded and it didn't happen at the White House. The fake inauguration was pre-recorded at CASTLE ROCK PRODUCTIONS, which is a movie ”soundstage” that was built to look like the White House. It was built to look like the oval office. It was built to provide a private place where a fake inauguration could be recorded, to keep up the lie that Biden actually became President. What a great fucking plan! This is why the fake inauguration was aired on TV in Spain, 11 hours before it actually happened. IT'S A MIRACLE. IT'S DIVINE INTERVENTION ON THE SIDE OF BIDEN! Bring 50,000 National Guard soldiers to Washington D.C. to keep people away from the White House. Tell the people you are going to hold a "virtual inauguration," to make them feel like they can all just stay home and watch the ceremony from the comfort of their own home. Use the military to make sure no one can actually see that no inauguration was happening at the White House. Use all of these things to keep the lie going, in an attempt to comfort the sheep and trick them into believing everything is normal.

I am proud to say that I trust my intuition and my research. I'm proud to say that I never followed the Q movement and I never talked shit about the Q movement. I'm proud to say that I sat back from the sidelines and witnessed everything play out the way it was always going to play out. I'm proud to say that regardless of anyone else's opinion, I'm absolutely certain that a giant operation is happening as I type these words, and in the next 45-60 days, the entire UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION WILL BE DISSOLVED. If Joe is the CEO of the USA corp and Kamala is the Vice CEO of the USA corp, what happens when the USA corp is dissolved? Let me phrase this in a different way. How much power does a CEO and executive board hold after the corporation they were a part of has been dissolved? NONE! YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY POWER IN A CORPORATION THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. Go ahead Joe and the Ho.. pretend to be important. Pretend to hold power. Pretend to do whatever the fuck you want to do, because they are coming for you all. The military will most likely take power if they haven't already. The USA corp will be destroyed. The organic office of the president of the united states will be reinstated. The organic united states of america will be reinstated. Donald Trump will become the 19th president of the united states, as he will be the first legitimate president since Ulysses S. Grant, right before the USA was incorporated by way of the 14th amendment fraud and the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

Castle Rock Oval Office Soundstage

Castle Rock Oval Office Soundstage

"One Oval Office is available from Castle Rock Pictures, which built an extensive White House set - East Wing and West Wing - on the Culver lot in Los Angeles for the 1995 film "The American President." The Castle Rock Oval Office has since been used for Disney's "Nixon" and 20th Century Fox's Independence Day (IRONIC RIGHT! LOL). But until recently most productions borrowed the Oval Office that Warner Brothers built for "Dave," it's 1993 film about a Presidential imposter. "It's something that's very distinctive, and a lot of people want it," said Gary Credle, president of Warner Brothers studio facilities."

Sound Stage - "A sound stage is a soundproof, hangar-like structure, building, or room, used for the production of theatrical film-making and television productions, usually located on a secured movie or television studio property. A sound stage should not be confused with a silent stage."

Castle Rock Oval Office Soundstage

Ahh Shittttt!

Q Mentions CASTLE ROCK As One of The Last Stages of The Operation On June 04, 2020

Trump In The Real Oval Office

Biden In The Fake Castle Rock Oval Office

Notice The Floor. Yes, the large throw rugs are different. Yes, carpets can be swapped out, but are we to believe Joe had the carpets swapped out the moment they let his cheating ass in to take pictures? Look at the individual blown up photos of the pattern of the hard wood floor. No, they are not the same. Changing out a throw rug is one thing, but completely tearing out the hard wood floor of the Oval Office is a nearly impossible project to undertake. This certainly could not have been done over night. So this brings me to the question: Where the fuck is Pedo Joe? HE'S AT CASTLE_ROCK just like Q told us he would be. NOTHING CAN STOP WHATS COMING.

Say what you will. Do what you must. Delete me. Block me. Laugh at me. Shun me. Don't believe me, believe me.. it doesn't matter. This is much deeper than most people understand. This isn't about "draining the political swamp," this is about destroying the entire world power structure. Trump is only one aspect of this operation, there are many faceless people who have put their lives on the line to get to this point. Q saw into the future with looking glass remote viewing technology. Q calculated potential outcome probabilities. Q's posts from 2017 are only starting to become relevant now. Quantum Computing. Remote Viewing. If you can look at multiple sides of a future event you can make moves that lock up all potential outcomes or make moves to trigger new timelines to create a new outcome.

Matrixbreaker out. #3030vision

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