Symbolism Is A Hidden Language

The main reason dark occultists (Satanists) tell you exactly what they are doing to the population by way of sigils and symbols, is because of the natural "moral" law in which they follow. They openly tell us their plans with symbolism because they know that most people are unaware that symbolism is a language. They rub it in our faces and openly mock us because at the end of the day.. consent is consent whether you consciously realize you're accepting the hidden meaning or not. They find it funny that the public will literally worship a popular movie, while having no awareness about the symbolism and predictive programming that exists right under their noses. These "dark" occultists worship Ba'al / Moloch.. the "God of Child Sacrifice." There are places all over the world where you can see the sigils being used to tell you what they're doing, however, the most blatant / in your face / obvious symbolic architecture is Washington D.C.

The Washington Monument obelisk is an ancient symbol for the phallus of Ba'al (Balls Dick.. lol). The ironic part is that these evil, mind controlled dark occultists fully understand that the majority of sheeple refuse to believe things beyond their current level of perception. I mean, let's be real.. the public know nothing about the occult... and the human mind will refuse to believe a conspiracy of this magnitude. Even if you tell them what these sigils and symbols mean, they haven't spent the years required to study these things.. so they automatically believe it isn't true.

This is EXACTLY how the dark ones try to shift blame on the people of the world.

They're basically saying: "We told you exactly who we are and that we worship Ba’al. We do this by sacrificing children in exchange for worldly power and power over all of you. We do this through blackmail, slavery and pedocracy. You're even stupid enough to fall right into our mass ritual sacrifice abortion trap (planned parenthood) and we don't even have to lift a finger for you to give daily sacrifices to our god. We even gave you proof of our allegiance to Ba'al by creating the biggest.. most obvious structure in D.C., a giant phallic dedication to the Beast. We never lied to you, we've always disclosed this from the start. If you cattle are too stupid and too lazy to learn the truths of this world.. where you can't even read such a simple message.. then that is your fault, and you all deserve to be enslaved."

This is exactly how they think and exactly why they build huge structures and arches and obelisks and churches all over the world that give the obvious meaning to anyone that's studied the occult. It's easy for us to identify the enemy, yet, the public denies things they don't understand and literally play right into the hands of the dark ones. The truth is that you can't identify the enemy and you can't defend yourself from their plans, if you don't understand the way they think and the logic behind their motives.

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