I want to share a really well researched, well put together mini documentary on the Evergreen shipping conglomerate, specifically related to the Evergiven ship.

It's funny because after the media reported that the Evergiven ship had been freed, so many people commented on every social media platform laughing at the people who brought awareness towards the child trafficking and Q connections. People were quick to talk shit about how everyone got it wrong and that after all, the ship was freed and continued on its journey.

This is the prime example showing why you cannot allow the opinions of morons and lazy truthers who speak without doing the deep research, as if they somehow believe they're qualified to advise others about the situation, affect your own research and judgement.

Newsweek reported yesterday that the Evergiven was "stuck again" because the Suez Canal Authority forbid the ship from leaving the canal until investigators completed an inquiry into how and why the ship got stuck and ended up blocking the canal for an entire week.

Sureeeee. That must be the reason they are investigating the ship! Lol. Or.. something else could be happening involving the US Military

Then, today it was reported by that the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier just passed through the Suez Canal southbound.

I wonder why the US Military is there now. Could it be that they have something to do with the investigations happening with the containers that were aboard the Evergiven?

This ship is going to be significant in the big scheme of things. People need to be patient and stop jumping on every opportunity they get to bash something or call something "bullshit," when they do not understand that THE MEDIA IS GOING TO DEFLECT THE TRUTH AND DIVERT THE ATTENTION OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC. It's absolutely insane for a person to think the the media is ever going to report something that would hurt the parasitic individuals they work so hard to protect? Why would they essentially tell on themselves? The media is going to keep the false narrative up for the public as long as they possibly can. They will keep it up until the very last minute before they are literally taken off air and have a gag order placed on them by the US Military.

I know there was also an article on from yesterday, April 1st, exposing that there were trafficked children, bodies and weapons found on the ship. I take the articles on their site with a grain of salt because many things they've reported in the past have been exaggerated or outright false. However, there have also been many articles posted on their site that have been factual, accurate information. Either way, they reported this story and it really doesn't seem too far fetched considering the unfolding situation. Whether the information they've written about ends up being true or false, the important thing is that we already know what these ships have been and continue to be used for.

An image of an old article from March 26, 2014 recently surfaced, entitled: The Evergreen Line Tunnel: Alice Will Make it a Boring Job. The name "evergreen" is used frequently, in many aspects of society. From corporations to residential streets, it is not uncommon to find that something has the name evergreen in it. It is important that we remember that just because something has the name evergreen does not mean that it's associated with the current situation at the Suez Canal, so we must discern the difference between "probable connection" and "improbable connection."

The below is a probable connection because it has to do with a tunnel boring machine, which we already know have been used to create new tunnels within mountains that link up to bigger underground tunnel networks, and provide an unseen "super highway" for trafficked children to be transported out of public view.

I would like to share with you the new mini documentary by IPOT entitled RED SEA EVERGREEN, which he released on Bitchute today, April 2nd. This is a really good collection of factual information and should be used as a factual documentary that you can send to your family and friends who are not privy to the facts surrounding the current situation. Remember, each day, at least one more person on the planet becomes awakened to the old fraudulent system and the lies..

There is never a day when an awakened person can enter back...

Once you see, you can never unsee.

I hope you enjoy the documentary, and please, feel free to share it with anybody you know who is just starting to see how corrupt this world is. We can always use more awakened individuals, and steal one of the sheep from the herd. #3030vision

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