R.I.P. (Rest in Piss) Prince Philip. You Were A Legend of Nothing.

Above image from Q(uantum) post on 04/09/2020, 1 year ago today.

I did not calculate the below. I saw it posted by Bob Mizer on Facebook, and since I am banned on Facebook, I did not get the opportunity to tell him that I was going to share his work on my blog. If any of you know Bob, please send him my thanks. I wanted to make sure to credit him, as from what I can see, these are his calculations. The only thing I did was add the gematria images so you can see the calculations are correct.


Prince Philip dying on the 9th day of the month and added to his 99 years = 999

Many have already said "flip that to make 666"

But 99 itself is also a hidden 666 code^^^^^

9 + 9 = 18

6 + 6 + 6 = 18(666)

Prince Philip in Full Reduction Gematria = 81

Prince Philip in Single Reduction Gematria = 81

81 + 18 = 99 and again the same calculation applies^^^^^

Prince Philip in Satanic Gematria = 555 or 5:55

5:55 on the upside down clock face = 9/11 coded date

5:55 upside down on a clock face = 9/11

Don't underestimate the numbers 9 and 11 and the actual date of 9/11

9 = Fall

11 = Death in Luciferian Teachings

9/11 or September 11th according to the original Hebrew calendar - was the first day of creation and I believe those specific numbers will be involved with the last day of this current system of things^^^^^


10th June 1921 to 9th April 2021 there are exactly 99 years and 10 months^^^^^ or 991 when losing the zero as no value

991 + 199 = 119 or again a 9/11 coded date

When you convert years and months into months ONLY^^^^^

There have been 1198 months between his birth and death^^^^^

8 = Total Control - Infinite Timeloop

119 = Reverse 9/11 coded date


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