Oh No! Another 7 Day Ban on FakeBook

Well friends, As I've told you many times.. my Facebook account is going to be wiped permanently very soon. I just caught a 7 day ban for a video I posted of Joe Biden crying because he knows his fucking time is limited. I'm not upset about the ban because everything is happening exactly how it was supposed to happen. I've been active on Facebook, helping people break their programming for years now. This is exactly why I've spent countless hours and personal funds to build this website. I've known that my time on the DARPA platform was coming to an end. I hope I've helped you out, by at least helping you think deeper than you did before you met me or came across my information.

This website does take money on a monthly basis to run, not counting the time I invest daily to bring you information for free. I just wanted to thank those of you who have been kind enough to donate to the site, because you're helping me make it possible to keep the site free for everybody. A few days ago I was bashed and slandered by a woman who I decided to block. She had been giving me bad vibes for a few months on my other "Trey Smith" facebook account, which Fakebook China just deleted a few weeks ago. This time, she made a stupid comment about how she hoped that my site wouldn't turn into a "charity," and that since I had a "donation box" on the site, it exposed my true intentions.. which were nothing more than "scamming people for money, while pretending to care about truth." Lol. This makes me laugh even as I type this now, because as Sadiki Bakari said, she has "poverty consciousness." Poverty consciousness has to do with people who believe everything should be free to them. People with this mindset are never successful in life because they feel like everything is owed to them. This mindset is parasitic, because any normal person understands that it's important to support people who come through for you, by putting in the time and effort required to help you. This is how I view things. Anytime I am able to support someone who has a vision, which can help other people, I make sure to make an effort and donate to them because I understand how much time, energy and effort is required to build something from scratch, especially if that something is for the benefit of others.

Throughout my online tenure, I've never asked for even one dollar for anything I've done. I feel that it is my mission to help others and I genuinely enjoy doing it. However, if you are unaware, there are monthly fees that are required to run a website. There are fees to purchase your domain name (web address). There are fees you have to pay to the company who you are building your site through, on a monthly basis. There are fees that you have to pay to be able to offer a better website to people with more features that can help them obtain information and services. There are basic accounts you can make, but they are limited and only allow you to upload a small amount of video, pdf and informational content.. so fees have to be paid to obtain the necessary amount of space and features that are required to provide a good enough site that provides enough functionality for your users. There are fees you have to pay to use a service like PayPal to even accept donations. There are many fees required to do monthly upkeep and market the site by using search engine optimization. With all of that being said, these are just the fees to keep the site running and functioning so other people can use the site to their benefit. These fees do not include the countless hours that are required to build the site, design the site, to upload all of the videos and resources that people are using and downloading daily. Those fees do not include the time it takes to sit down and create content from scratch in order to help people learn the things you've learned, by being able to type it all out in an easy to understand format. Just like anything you do in life, your time is valuable. When I built this site, many people were telling me that I should be charging people to access the information. I thought long and hard about the best way to move forward and I decided that I didn't' want to charge people to access the site, because financial benefit was never part of this website's purpose. I decided that I would not charge anybody, but instead, I would create a donation screen where people who wanted to take part in an equal exchange of energy, could donate whatever they wanted to help keep the fees paid and the site functioning and free for everybody.

I've had a few people donate to the site so far. To those people, I sincerely thank you for acknowledging all of the above and understanding that it does take lots and lots of time and it does take money out of my own pocket to be able to provide this website for people. If people are offended by my donation approach, or even by my words in this post, then they should leave now because they are not the type of people that I resonate with. I would like to break down my approach moving forward so you can have a better understanding about where I am coming from. I want to continue to keep the site free for everybody. The only way I can do that is if people are able to donate to the site every once in a while, if they feel like the information and content on the site are beneficial to them. If a person doesn't feel like this site benefits them, then there is no reason to use the site. If someone is not able to donate anything due to their own financial situation, I fully respect that and I would never expect them to donate to the site, when they are just trying to scrape by to ensure they can make it another month and take care of their families for another month. If enough people make a small donation to keep the site functioning, then I will continue to keep all content on the site free. If people are not donating, to the point where I have to continue creating content 100% free, and footing the bill to keep the site going, then I will be forced to make most of the content on the site for members only, and membership will come with a monthly or yearly fee. I'm sure anybody who has ever done anything for other people can understand that this is a completely fair way of moving forward, and in no way a "greedy" ploy to use the site to "scam people for money" while "pretending to care about helping people awaken."

If this offends you, I ask that you leave now, because this site is definitely not for you. Maybe most people are not like me, but I truly make an effort to donate to the people who resonate with me, and go out of their way to help others with nothing more than hope and good intentions in their heart. I find this especially important when that persons goals and intent are selfless and only meant to help other people. Those are the true "angels" in our society, and we will need an army of people like this if we are to move forward in the right direction as a whole.

Again, I thank all of you who have sent over a donation, you've literally helped pay for the next month or so of required costs to keep the site going. Also, I would like to thank all of you who have given me positive feedback, I truly appreciate the individual relationships I've built with many of you over the past 10 years. Social media will be changing drastically in the near future, and I look forward to the new way of life that is on the brink of manifesting. I hope you have a beautiful night and I truly appreciate all of you. #3030vision #ONEworldONElove #GLOBALISMisPARASTIC #JESUITScanSUCKit

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