NURSING HOME WHISTLEBLOWER - Seniors Are Dying Like Flies After Covid Injections

At this point I think I've become desensitized to the death and injuries being caused by the Covid 19 (not a) Vaccine. I feel bad for people who are losing family members. I feel bad for people being forced to watch a family member who was perfectly healthy, experience a horrible reaction from the (not a) vaccine. I myself have co workers, distant family members, my fiance's family members, and other people I know who are excited to take or have already taken the Covid 19 (not a) Vaccine.

This man is a good person. It's awesome that he felt inclined to speak out. It's what real human beings do. Point blank period.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Immediate reaction or not, you've just allowed transhumanist psychopaths to place a genetically modified cell line within your body. Your genome has been edited. Welcome to the future, you've now been primed for upload.


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