No Plane, No Gain. We Tried To Tell You That The Planes Were CGI.

Well, that settles it. No plane, no gain. And I don't want to hear any of your "you cant see the plane because it came from behind the tower" bullshit. That shit won't work this time, dumbass. Watch the video again. Then watch it again. From this view, the plane would've entered the left side of the tower, and exited through the right. As a matter of fact, this same exact view has been shown millions of times with a CGI plane layer added over the raw footage. It's really that simple. All those Marvel movies got your mind fucked up. You can't tell the difference between computer graphics and reality. I mean, really though... No Plane, No Gain.

Simon says Wake The Fuck Up.

I'm suuuper.. thanks for asking!

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