Mothers of Darkness Castle: The Most Evil Place on Earth. An Uncomfortable Truth.

I apologize. I'm not trying to upset anyone by posting this. However, if people don't start to face reality and start to understand the sickness that's plagued humanity, then they will never understand the importance of guarding their children at all times. Take the stickers off of your vehicle that show how many kids you have. Remove the "baby on board" stickers. Don't give these disgusting, vile, pieces of shit any reason to target you. The seriousness surrounding this topic, is unparalleled. These people see children as items, and they literally itemize a list for the upcoming year, that outlines each city and state. They preplan a specific number of children, and what type of children they are going to abduct, during quarter 1, quarter 2, quarter 3 and quarter 4 of the calendar year. They preplan how many will be taken from different cities and states, during each quarter. They do the same in Europe, and all over the world. Please, understand that the missing children are all being taken for a purpose. The abductors might be different players, from gangs, to desperate people under the threat of death, or highly paid pieces of shit.. but the same families are behind it all.. and they use the children for different purposes. Don't stay silent, tell your friends and family. There are mountains of evidence on the normal and deep web (if you know how to access).

These People Need To Die. They Are Not Fit For Society. They Literally Need To Be Eradicated From The Earth. In the mean-time.. protect your fucking children at all costs. It only takes one wrong move on the wrong day, and your life and your child's life can be dramatically changed forever.