Military Exercise, My Ass


Quick update for today, 1/15/2021.

Back in February of 2019, there were some very loud "booms" heard in Los Angeles. I live in this area, but not close enough to Downtown to hear the "booms." Recently, information has surfaced that this was not a military training exercise. What actually happened was that the military was in Downtown LA, on a mission to locate and arrest people working directly with Nancy Pelosi, to release a biological weapon in the Union Station subway, which is the major hub that connects the entire subway system in Los Angeles. This was their first attempt at spreading "covid" in the Los Angeles area. The military was able to locate the biological weapon and diffuse the trigger, before it went off. At the same time that this was happening, Nancy Pelosi was boarding a private plane along with many of her close relatives, literally heading to the other side of the "globe." Her plan was to allow the bio-weapon to activate, while she would be in the air, flying to the other side of the world.. far far away from any potential danger. Pelosi's plane was forced to land after it took off, due to the orders of an unnamed "Orange" man who was watching this all take place live. As the story goes, Pelosi was forced to return to her home and continue playing her part in our diseased government. All with the understanding that one day in the next few years.. they would all be coming for her and the guilty pieces of shit who took part in this potential crime against humanity.. as well as many, many others.

You see, many people have already been busted and literally forced to continue playing their role in society. Their time is coming and they all know it. 2021 should be an amazing year for the USA and the world as a whole.

What you also need to understand is that "draining the swamp" only gives people a basic understanding of what we are going to witness. In 1871, the 42nd Congress passed "The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871," which was the act that officially converted Washington D.C. into a corporation. This act, solidified our slavery to the Crown, who is under the control of Vatican Black Nobility. This is why a large portion of our tax money goes right back to the Vatican. This is why the corrupt BAR association has been used to "legally" fuck all of us. The USA courts are private, for profit scams. You need to understand that ALL OF THIS HAS TO COME DOWN in order to give people their freedom. This mission is not as simple as just "draining the swamp," and because of this, certain criminals who have already been caught for crimes against humanity or potential crimes against humanity, have been forced to continue playing their "role," only to be taken down on a much bigger scale at a later date.

This will be our real INDEPENDANCE DAY, because we've all been lied to about our "freedom" that doesn't actually exist. This will be the real 1776, and history will need to be rewritten with the truth. The truth that the Rockefeller Foundation and the General Education Board have worked so hard, to keep hidden since their inception.

Much love..

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