Lada GAGA Naked, Smoking Crack With Hunter Biden With Unnamed Woman Passed Out on Bed

Well what in the mother of all fucks do we have here?? Hunter's laptop is the best thing since sliced bread! Yes, that's wretched whore Lady Gaga. Notice the head shape and tattoo on her back left shoulder. Go ahead and look up her back tattoos. Go ahead and reference the shape of her head when she ties her hair up in a bun. Go ahead and look up her dick.. just kidding. Or am I? Side note, I've been banned for 30 more days from Facebook because they really don't like me.. or something.

I mean, this really isn't a shocker. She's best friends with Clone Joe. She's probably smoking crack and sleeping with the entire family. Whore of Babylon. All will be exposed.

Like two peas in a pod.

Her rendition of "God Bless Ba'al," sung at Clone Joe's Not-An-Inauguration.

Ahhh Shit! Someone forgot to put the wall back together at The Culver Studios White House before Fancy Nancy showed up. Someone's getting killed for this.

What more can I say? Probably lots. But nothing else for now. #3030vision

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