Just Another "Coincidence" Says Mainstream Media...

░[░E░G░]░ ░D░e░f░i░n░e░ ░E░V░E░R░G░R░E░E░N░

What is the ships call sign? What is HRC's Sec Serve code name? What does the aviation company with the same name do? What can shipping containers be used for? There are other images too gruesome to post that show some of the cargo found in these containers. Who is Laura Silsby? Why was the Navy running an "exercise" in the same area, around the same time. W͎A͎T͎C͎H͎ ͎T͎H͎E͎ ͎W͎A͎T͎E͎R͎

Don't let the media fool you. They are running 24/7 damage control on this story to convince the lazy masses that it's just another huge coincidence. Sure budddyy.. just another coincidence. This must be coincidence #1,293,208,129

Fuck outta here