It’s Time We Reclaim Our Power

They downgraded our DNA, trying to cut us off from source. They gave us the illusion that there were many different paths we could choose, yet each path always led right back to them. They convinced us that "seeing is beLIEving." They told us that "ignorance was bliss." They desensitized us so we would always look the other way. As long as something remained “out of sight” then it should always stay “out of mind.”

This was all done on purpose to keep us ignorant, lazy, dumb and docile. They created their covens and used The Papal to trap us by implementing CORPORATE LAW and using our birth certificates as collateral.

You are a divine being, not a fucking corporation.

We thought they erased the Akashic records to hide our true HIStory, when the truth is that the Akashic lives in water, which makes up most of our world and body. 60% of the human adult body is water. Our brain and heart are comprised of 73% water and our lungs are about 83% water. Our skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys contain 79%, and even our bones contain 31% water. Water holds the memories of our past as well as our past lives.

They convinced HUEmanity to follow and worship the very beings who are responsible for our slavery here. They made it cool to add invader names / names of our enemies to our own social media handles. They used reLIEgion to seal us to false god constructs and siphon our life force energy, knowing that faith will always be enough for a blind species who cannot remember who we truly are. They implemented mass mind control to convince us that we had a choice, but the only important choice that we ever needed to make was to not partake in their systems of control. It didn’t matter because they knew that the temptations and distortions they created would be too much for most to deny. They used their media conglomerates to have us all focus on the same events at the same time, which tricked us into taking part in mass energetic siphoning ploys and loosh producing triggers, which placed tons of fear into the awakening collective.

They played the same tricks on humanity over and over and over. They created "theories" about science and the nature of our “reality” by placing “famous” men and women into positions of power to spew their matrix science bullshit so that it would enter the minds of the ignorant masses. They did a great job convincing humanity to take these "theories" as scientific fact, since its obvious that the majority of people do not understand the true science behind these theories. They knew how easy it was to fool an unaware population with “top scientists” and “top researchers” who are all being controlled, funded, and guided by the same hidden entities (pun intended) behind closed doors. They cubed our minds with technology that could only be explained with their mainstream science, by shills who answer to elite societies like the “royal” society and the “pilgrim” society. They cloned us. They tortured us. They killed us. We are their food. This realm is one big energetic siphoning party. They REduced our energy, They REused our energy. They REcycled our consciousness and wiped our memories which took us right back to square one time and time again.

Its time we reclaim our power. This is why you need to study up and then speak up to those around you. No matter what they’ve done to us, they know that we are breaking their methods of control. They will stop at nothing to prevent us from taking back what’s ours.

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