In The Very Near Future, You Will Realize That I Handed You The KEY To Generational Wealth

Happy Saturday soul family. I hope you're all doing well!

I wanted to share a few video clips with you to show you that we are getting closer and closer to the price of XRP LAUNCHING INTO A DIFFERENT GALAXY. I've told you before that the reason I decided to speak up and give everybody this life changing information is simply because I want all of you to create generational wealth. I want you to be able to live a worry free life, where you have the financial ability to help out your friends and loved ones who are in need. I've only had good intentions with all of the info I've given you pertaining to this subject. I've never directly told you to invest in XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, IOTA (etc.) but instead, I've given you the knowledge required to fuel your own research and make a decision on your own.

Do you really think I would risk my reputation if I wasn't 100% sure about what I've been telling you?


Just yesterday some information leaked about a patent application that specifically names Ripple and XRP as the technology and currency that will be used to settle financial transactions for all cross border payments. Even bigger than that, this same document proves the SWIFT will be integrated with the XRPLedger and run on the XRPL. That bit of information is literally life changing. It's another affirmation that we are on the right path. If you don't know what SWIFT is, then you can read their Wikipedia page. SWIFT stands for "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication."

"As of 2018, around half of all high-value cross-border payments worldwide used the SWIFT network.[1] As of 2015, SWIFT linked more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories, who were exchanging an average of over 32 million messages per day (compared to an average of 2.4 million daily messages in 1995).[2] SWIFT transports financial messages in a highly secure way but does not hold accounts for its members and does not perform any form of clearing or settlement."
"SWIFT has become the industry standard for syntax in financial messages. Messages formatted to SWIFT standards can be read and processed by many well-known financial processing systems, whether or not the message traveled over the SWIFT network. SWIFT cooperates with international organizations for defining standards for message format and content. SWIFT is also Registration authority (RA) for the following ISO standards: [11]
ISO 9362: 1994 Banking – Banking telecommunication messages – Bank identifier codes
ISO 10383: 2003 Securities and related financial instruments – Codes for exchanges and market identification (MIC)
ISO 13616: 2003 IBAN Registry
ISO 15022: 1999 Securities – Scheme for messages (Data Field Dictionary) (replaces ISO 7775)
ISO 20022-1: 2004 and ISO 20022-2:2007 Financial service