I Just Wanted To Thank God For Allowing Science To Develop The Covid Vaccine. It Saves Lives!!

Updated: Feb 21

Ignorance Will Get You Killed. Ignorance Will Get Your Loved Ones Killed. Ignorance Will Destroy Your Life and The Lives of Others Who Are Ignorant Enough To Trust The Ignorant, Unqualified Information (hear-say) You've Ignorantly Provided Them. Ignorance Is Not Bliss, Ignorance Is Fucking Ignorance No Matter How You Want To Spin It.

Let's take a look at a few definitions that are extremely relevant to our modern day society:

Nescience (nesh-ince): "to not know, because knowledge was absent or unattainable."

Ignorance: "to not know even though necessary information is present, because that information has been willfully refused or disregarded."

Denialism: "the practice of denying the existence, truth, or validity of something despite proof or strong evidence that it is real, true or valid."

Incredulous: "not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving."

If you are nescient, it is because the knowledge you lack was not attainable. This is a common occurrence in our society because many entities like the Vatican, have worked tirelessly to hide information that would enlighten us about the truth of our past. They do this because knowledge is the most powerful asset one can posses, and the only way a bunch of child rapist / child killer have been able to hold power over society, is due to the fact that they've purposely hidden crucial, life changing information from us.

If you are ignorant, it is because you are lazy and/or fearful of the way this truth might make you feel. This is also a common occurrence in our society because at this current point in time, the average person is nothing more than the byproduct of lies, manipulation, reverse psychology, mind control, poison, half truths.. and so on and so forth. If you are ignorant, it is because you've made a conscious choice to ignore available information out of convenience. You have the internet at your fingertips, yet, you'll spend your time staying away from anything that might have an affect on the way you choose to believe life works. People become comfortable with their accepted view of the world, their value... and belief systems. The sad truth is that most people convince themselves that by ignoring an inconvenient truth, they will somehow be able to escape dealing with the reality of the situation. This is a classic cop out and one of the main reasons why humanity has allowed evil to control their lives for so long. Truth is truth. Lies are lies. If you are ignorant to the truth because you make a conscious choice to demonize it while not looking into it.. you are doing a disservice to yourself and humanity as a whole.

Brittany Hall Perez (1981-2021)

I came across the Facebook profile of Brittany Hall Perez, after someone tagged me in a post about her recently passing away after taking the Covid ([C]ertificate-[O}f-[V}accination-[I]{D}entification) (not a) vaccine. She was only 39 years old and can be seen above holding up her Covid vaccination record card in her most recent Facebook profile picture. The frame around her picture says "SAVE LIVES - SAY YES TO COVID-19 VACCINE." The online campaign that's been using propaganda and false pride based narratives to convince people that they are some how being "heroic" by taking the vaccine, is nothing more than ignorance that has been giftwrapped in false heroism. People are convinced that they are showing great courage and valor by volunteering to take the Covid jab, as a first step to protecting others and... (wait for it)... GETTING BACK TO NORMAL. I'm sure Brittany was a wonderful person, as she left behind her husband and two daughters. This is the prime example showing how generational programming from the powers that be, are using fear as a means of control while destroying lives. This is the classic case of ignorance... and there doesn't seem to be any bliss in this situation.

Lets Take A Look At Some of The Recent Articles Being Posted By Mainstream Media (and other) News Affiliates.

It's comical that most of these "articles" mention that although this person died right after... or a day after... or days after... or weeks after taking the Covid (not a) Vaccine.. there's definitely no direct link to the vaccine itself.. they just happened to die after taking it.

This is where we are headed over the coming months my friends. Many of us know multiple people who have decided to go ahead and take the untested vaccine.. all because they are looking to develop antibodies to protect them from the flu rebranded through the fear campaign known as Covid(covert) 19. This is not about Nescience, this is about mass ignorance. People who take the vaccine after claiming they've "done their research," are not doing unbiased research. These people are doing research to backup their decision to get vaccinated. This type of research is similar to what the media does. They begin their research with a pre-decided conclusion, therefore, during their research they will be looking for articles and sources making real researchers who are telling the truth about this shit, look like tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. The idea that top level scientific institutions and murderers like Dr. Fauci could be lying to them, is too big of an idea for them to even consider. This is a dangerous mindset to have because these people operate based on the notion that "if Fauci is actually lying.. and Gates is as bad as people say, and Zuckerberg is covering up the truth... then the world is not the way I've been told, therefore I cannot... and will not... live in a world like that." This triggers a massive amount of inconvenience for them which is being fueled by the denialism running through their mind with a shield, as if it's there to protect their precious belief system.

Well, it looks like the Covid Vaccination Identification Card is not a heroic badge representing honor and valor. What it actually identifies is that you have been duped once again into believing a carefully crafted narrative, designed to empower you while hiding the fact that you've just risked your life and the lives of your loved ones (if you end up dying), for nothing more than a lie created by a room full of wealthy child predators who have decided that they have the right to control you, extort you, abuse you, rape you, torture you or kill you anytime they want.

And remember, the deaths and adverse reactions don't really mean anything. If you slip by without a reaction or without dying... fan-fucking-tastic. You know what you won't slip by? The smart dust and and messenger RNA recombinant technology which is rewriting your DNA by way of a genetically modified cell line, which is converting you into a trans-human being.. who is being primed for upload and connection to the ioT (internet of things) which will then be upgraded to the AIoT (Artificial Intelligent internet of things). If you don't know what the ioT is, I suggest you look it up. This is the precursor to the Fourth Industrial Revolution whereby a group of technocratic child rapists convert humanity into machine with the goal of full control and ensuring that only them and their inbred bloodlines will flourish in the future.. and everyone else will be incapable of protecting themselves or ever even dreaming of attacking any of them for their crimes. They can now implant and remove thoughts and memories at their will.. and you will never suspect a thing. This is a fact, this is not fiction.. this has already been proven by the military.. and you just signed yourself up to allow patented, artificial/genetically modified DNA to enter your body... which means you are no longer in any way sovereign.. you are owned by them.. in perpetuity.

Have a beautiful weekend... in the matrix. #3030vision

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