Hyper Suppression To Keep You Broke and Dependent on Them. Break Your Chains

People should be asking themselves why the SEC is conducting a dog and pony show lawsuit to "potentially classify XRP as a security," when the fact is that the SEC was asked by multiple cyrpto exchanges in 2019 if they could list XRP as a crypto "currency," and the SEC did not tell them "sorry, it's a security, it can't be sold on crypto exchanges because it's subject so securities laws." Why are they going after Ripple now, at this exact point in time if they were so concerned with XRP being a security over the last 7 years? Why are there unnamed wealthy people investing billions of dollars into XRP every week, when the MEDIA is telling people how volatile XRP is, while putting fear into the entire crypto community to sell it "before it's too late?" Why are giant corporations throwing hundreds of millions into Bitcoin, when it brings no value as a bridge currency between nations?

Most importantly, why is Ripple working on a private version of the XRPLedger that central banks can use, during a time where they could be "ruined" from a verdict in a SEC lawsuit?

The media says "sell XRP, or you'll lose your money."

Digital Euro?

The wealthy are quietly purchasing large amounts of XRP while the media is telling people to "SELL, SELL, SELL BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE." This is all happening during the SEC lawsuit. Looks like a well planned shit show to me.

If they say walk, you better run. If they say run, you better walk. If they say "good," you should know it's bad. If they say "bad,' you should know it's good.

They're just blowing smoke up your ass because they don't want a transfer of wealth happening... only the mentally strong and well researched free thinkers will survive.

The timing of this lawsuit couldn't be any more perfect. XRP is being highly suppressed... on purpose.

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