Group Home Kids and Teens Being Forcibly Vaccinated in So Cal

What more can I say? This is extremely fucked up. Most kids and teens living in group homes become even more damaged because a lot of them are treated like shit by the people working at the group home. On top of already being treated like shit, now you have these kids and teens being forcibly vaccinated with the experimental DNA “upgrade” against their will. Lets give a big round of applause for the sheep 🐑 for saving us all by stepping up to get vaccinated so we can all return to “normal.” I don’t know what we would’ve done if they werent so brave and courageous. Can somebody please give them the Glory Hole Krispy Kreme surprise they were promised? 😯

I think I’ll get a vaccine card tattooed on my ass as a thank you to all the sheep and their heroic effort. WHAT IN THE MOTHER OF ALL FUCKS WOULD THE REST OF US DO WITHOUT YOU?!?!

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