Financial Crash and Cyber Attack False Flag To Bring In New Financial System - Part 1 of 2

The big financial collapse is coming and will be here sooner than most people realize. Many people will be caught off guard and I don't want you to be included in that category. The average person has a very vague understanding of our monetary system and because of this, most people are under the impression that there will always be a way to prevent a devastating crash. This is because the bulk of people in this country and abroad are too busy worrying about their own personal lives and all of the superficial shit that exists within our society. They're too distracted to pay close attention to things that are not being reported by the media and not being openly discussed by their family and friends. The sad truth is that people do not focus on things that are above their level of perception, and this is because our society has been molded in a way where we prioritize things that we believe will directly affect our personal lives, while ignoring things that we believe are outside of our control. This is part of the reason that we've allowed criminals to thrive and exploit the public for so many years, while those who are being exploited celebrate these people as if they're deserving of anything other than a prison cell or the death penalty.

Due to the above mentioned ignorance of the masses, the coming financial collapse is going to be very shocking and traumatic for most of the general public. They will not be prepared and therefore, when it happens it will flip their entire world upside down. Once the masses realize something of this magnitude is actually happening, they will panic and act irrationally. The façade that most of them put on when they're out in public, will be non-existent, and the selfish, irrational, uninformed people that they are at their core, will manifest. Covid was the prime example of this. People hoarded everything they could, from non-perishables to toilet paper. They could care less if you and your family were able to purchase basic essentials like toilet paper, as long as they were able to hoard as much as possible for themselves. And we shouldnt forget about the people who were able to buy enough toilet paper to wipe Godzillas ass, and how they had no problem selling it to you for $25 fucking dollars per roll. No thanks bro, while you were hoarding toilet paper, I was buying wet wipes to make sure my ass was properly cleaned before the government came in and tried to bend me over to shove their scamdemic up my ass with no lube. This same situation, where demand outweighs supply will happen again and people will buy or even loot anything and everything they can get their hands on while leaving others behind. For these reasons we cannot expect these people to act rationally and must prepare ourselves ahead of time by purchasing essential goods before the shit hits the fan.

It's important to realize that this collapse is not something that might be avoided, this is something that is fucking inevitable. This narrative and collapse is needed to bring in a new financial system, because order is always created out of chaos. Problem, reaction, solution... except that the solution was known before the problem was put into play publicly.

I promise you that it's not a matter of if, but when. You need to make sure you have at least two weeks of non-perishables on hand and/or emergency food kits, especially if you have children. No one knows the exact scenario, therefore, it's important to be proactive and not procrastinate until the last minute. If you do, you will put yourself and your loved ones in a vulnerable situation. You need to make sure that you're prepared emotionally and financially. Take cash out of the bank a