False Flag To Blame Trump Supporters and Come For Your Guns

Listen to me.

They are planning a major false flag for inauguration day. Over the past week or so, paper flyers have been given out in major cities across the USA. The flyers are telling Trump supporters to arm themselves and show up at the inauguration to defend the republic.

Here‘s the thing...

No organization has taken credit for creating the flyers.

This is a classic false flag trap. Do not go to the inauguration. The CIA and/or FBI are probably the ones printing the flyers because they want to frame Trump supporters. They want thousands of Trump supporters to show up, so they can stage a shooting, by dressing someone up in Trump gear to fire the shot. Whether the shot is aiming for Biden, or just an innocent bystander, they want to paint Trump supporters as racist Neo Nazi terrorists, and this could give them a huge push for immediate gun control right as Biden takes office.

I am not telling you this will happen 100%, I’m just telling you that I’ve seen this type of shit before, and it’s super sketchy that all of these flyers have been given out in major cities.. advocating for people to show up in D.C. locked and loaded. This shit smells like a classic false flag to me.

Stay out of DC... this is a trap.

If you believe that a huge operation is going on to arrest treasonous criminals, then you need to consider that there are multiple options and scenarios they could use to pull it off. If you see Biden get inaugurated on January 20th, this does not mean the mission has failed. There are other options aside from “arrest them all the day before the inauguration.” The two significant dates coming up, are January 19th and March 11th. 1/19 = 9/11 backwards. 3/11 = 3 x 11 = 33. These dates are important to the global cabal, so the ultimate payback would be for the white hats to do something major on one of these days. 3/11/11 was the day they triggered a tsunami to destroy Fukushima. These dates mean everything to these people.

No matter what your views and opinions are regarding this topic, if Biden is inaugurated, this doesn’t mean he will be president for long. In chess, there are only so many possible moves thet are available. Every time a player makes a move, there is one less available move on the board. This is where we are right now. Both sides only have a few moves left, and they’re both looking to “checkmate” the other side.

Stay the fuck out of D.C. and tell your friends to do the same. It was that easy for them to stage the capital riot and this next potential false flag won’t be that difficult.

Lots of love to you all

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