Another brave doctor gives people something they don't want. A hard hitting dose of uncomfortable truth. People are so fucking scared to even consider what it would feel like to be wrong about everything, that they cant even imagine how uncomfortable it would feel to stand there full of shame and be forced to admit that they are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy. I mean, they can't even begin to consider that they could be people out there who would do such a horrible thing to the populations of the world... it's just not possible.

When I was younger, I always wondered why people were so afraid of thinking deeply about "taboo" topics... especially when it came to the governments they love sooooo very much! I mean, after all, this is the "greatest country in the world," and any great country (especially the greatest) would do the right thing by ensuring that the people were given everything they needed to live such abundant lives. I used to wonder why people acted like you were so fucking insane, if you didn't view things the way everybody else viewed them. Back then, I never really understood it. These days, I understand it on so many levels, and I know exactly why people are the way that they are. I mean shit, if you think about it, there is not even one person alive today who grew up pre 1902 when John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Frederick T. Gates literally hijacked eduction and medicine, and started socially engineering society into a bunch of dumb, "tell me what you want me to believe, and I'll believe it," docile drones . There isn't anyone alive today who was born before mass programming was used on entire nations. If you are 100 years old today, you would've been born in 1921. 1921 was already 3 full years after the "Spanish Flu" (engineered) death atrocity had already begun. 1921 was already 19 years after Rockefeller established the "General Education Board," and converted school from a life enhancing privatized tool, into a "child programming center." I mean, how happy are you that you spent all of that time learning extremely helpful subjects like Algebra? How about "Social Studies" or "American History," where you would learn all of those breathtaking stories about the amazing "American Eugenicist Heroes" who prevented us from living in a "3rd world country" like those unfortunate people do across the world. Thank god for good old patriotism! O'er the landdddduh of the FEE, and the homeeee offf thuhhhhh... SLAYYVEEEEEEE! (crowd goes wild)

Patriotism is a very useful form of mass mind control. Patriotism is nothing more than convincing people that they are simply better than another group of people, based on the completely random odds of being born in a country that offers a better way of life for the herd. It's really no different than the best tool of division they call "race." I am better than him because I am white and he is black. The bottom line is that every single person alive today has been under heavy, heavy, programming since the day they first took a fresh breath of contaminated air, in a beautiful reality that was secretly being raped by a bunch of nepotistic pieces of fucking dog shit, A.K.A. the self proclaimed... "ELites."

Thanks for listening to my rant. Now please, do as you're told and read the last part I've provided for you below:

Thank you to every single one of you who has taken the Covid 19 vaccine! We owe all of you brave heroes, never ending praise. If it wasn't for you showing such class and bravery by allowing an experimental technology to enter your genome to genetically or synthetically modify your god given human template, then we would probably all have been dead by now. It will be you that the future generations will remember, when they sit there in absolute disgust, wondering how it was ever possible for human beings to be so fucking dumb, trusting and naive. Don't worry though, once they learn about MKULTRA and Hollywood Magick, they will at least have a remotely basic understanding about the many ways you can socially engineer entire populations by mesmerizing them with drug addicts and shady sellouts, that you dress up and call "actors." I seriously have no idea how we would've of made it through without every single one of you brave people showing off your vaccine cards and reserving your vaccine passports. Please, do yourself a favor and make sure that you smile real big while they're taking your picture, because if it doesn't look good, you'll have to wait 40 more booster shots before they'll allow you to take a "re-do." But hey, look at the bright side... 40 booster shots down the road you won't even fucking remember what Covid-19 was anymore, and you'll just be wondering how much longer you'll have to wait until you can get out of there and partake in your favorite passtime... better known as "virtue signaling." So again, from all of us around the world, THANK YOU BRAVE HEREOS, BECAUSE IF IT WASN'T FOR YOUR SELFLESSNESS AND COURAGE, WE WOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN BACK TO NORMAL.. I mean, back to the "NEW" normal. If you guys are hungry I have a fresh baked bag of dicks that you're more than welcome to take home and enjoy with the rest of the mindless drones that used to be known as "people." Now please, make sure to unplug your charger from your mind before you exit the vehicle. And remember, "THIS IS THE WAY."


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