There's a new web browser you can use to get free Bitcoin. It's not a ton of free Bitcoin, but it pays out every 10 minutes. It works best on a desktop or laptop computer. The reason they pay you free BTC is because each Bitcoin transaction has to be "mined," which requires expensive computers and a lot of energy. CryptoTabBrowser uses the power that you're already using to run your desktop or laptop, to mine a small amount of Bitcoin. It doesn't use more power than you're using, it uses the power already being pulled to run your computer. If you use a laptop or desktop like I do, it's worth installing because you'll get paid free BTC for doing what you're already doing... browsing the web. If you only browse the web on your phone, it's not worth it because it's only using your phone battery to power itself, which isn't really sufficient. Once you sign up they will give you a personal link that you can also share with others, and this will increase the amount of BTC you're paid every 10 minutes. Definitely worth it if you're into crypto currency, or if you just want to get free BTC that you can eventually cash out in any fiat currency. Pretty cool. Check it out if interested. Much love.


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