Chroma Key / CGI / Deep Fake Facial Mask Layer Biden

The anomalies surrounding the imposter playing the role of Joe Biden, continue to get weirder and funnier by the minute. First of all, it’s important to note that part of the reason this sham / fake administration has been allowed to spend time pretending like they are actually in office, is so they can “hang” themselves before they all go down. This way many members of the public can start to realize that things aren’t really adding up. This is extremely important because if people begin to notice weird things that dont add up surrounding this administration, then it will be easier for them to understand how it’s all one big giant show.. when it comes time for shit to hit the fan over the next two months.

Regardless of the above... now we can see that this isn’t even a clone of Joe Biden playing this role, in the first video its apparent that it’s just another person with a digital hologram or CGI layer placed over their face. It seems to be some sort of prosthetic, Chroma Key (green screen) mask, because you can see that the bottom of Joe’s face, isn’t attached to or even remotely close to the same color as the skin on his neck. Thank you Warner Brothers for this production. The only problem you’re having is that normally you have time to edit your movies. This is real life and any errors you make can expose your entire shit show.

This could also be deep fake technology, syncing up the digital Biden face with the actors face. Either way... whatever it is.. it's a bunch of fucking bullshit.

Hahahaha. One minute it’s Joe, “neck” minute it’s not.

Notice another graphical error in the below video pertaining to his left eye. When he turns his face you can see a digital error, because his eye is misshapen and not sharp or crisp. This is a tell tale sign of a graphical error, and more proof of the entire sham being run by these pieces of shit.

Thats all for now. Have a wonderful evening... in the matrix. #3030vision

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