Canadian Woman Taken to Undisclosed Location with Negative Covid Test

Honestly, this is what happens when the general public is unaware, misinformed, programmed, propagandized and in denial. If you watch the below video you will hear her husband say that he's been in contact with her the entire time. He said that she has her cell phone and that she's being given everything she needs while being forced to stay at this "isolation/quarantine facility." The fact that they've been in contact and that she's being given basic needs is irrelevant. This looks like a testing procedure to me. Not a covid testing procedure, but a procedure to test the Nazi Germany style draconian kidnapping of innocent people, by their elite masters. They need to see how people react when being told that they will be arrested if they don't allow themselves to be taken into custody and brought to an undisclosed "isolation" facility. They need to see how the person's immediate family members react. They need to see how far they can take this shit and what they can and cant get away with if they are to tweak their protocols for the highest chance of success. Can you fucking believe that this is all possible do to a fake pandemic where they literally took the flu or a variation of the flu and rebranded it Covid-19? LOL. I can.. I predicted this shit a year ago... and I ain't no fucking Nostradamus. It wasn't hard to see their scam and it wasn't hard to see why they chose the RT-PCR test out of all potential tests for this scamdemic. The RT-PCR test works based on a cycle threshold count. In other words, the number of cycles required to find a genetic sequence in your DNA that matches one of many genetic sequences of the virus that can cause covid 19. I know, I know... sounds amazing right? The RT-PCR test was the perfect choice because the cycle threshold level criteria being used is 40, even though it’s already been proven that the real number should be much lower, somewhere near 33 or 34. This means that anyone who registers between 34-40 is not contagious and will not contract the virus. Many doctors and lab workers have stated that up to 90% of the positive tests are registering at a cycle threshold of 34-40. So.. how do you manipulate the test to make it seem like a virus is more prevalent than it actually is? You use an over exaggerated cycle threshold criteria already knowing that most people who are not sick and can not get sick, will appear positive. This is why the RT-PCR test was the perfect candidate for their scam. All they have to do in order to make it seem like the vaccine is working and “saving the world from covid,” is quietly lower the cycle threshold criteria.. and BOOM.. just like magic, people are starting to test negative. Dr. Kerry Mullis, the man who created this test has said many times that the RT-PCR test is not suitable to be used in the way it’s being used at this moment. Dr. Mullis died in August of 2019 of pneumonia (weird coincidence?), so he’s not around to tell people they they are being scammed.

Months ago, I wrote a Fakebook post where I predicted that once the vaccine became available to most of the general public, the medical professionals, "health" organizations, and every single rich cocksucker behind this scam would LOWER THE CYCLE THRESHOLD LEVEL CRITERIA FOR THE PCR TEST. Well guess what?? That's exactly what they just did. But that's not the best part. The best part is that after they made this announcement, they had their corporate media whores write article after article explaining that there has been misinformation spreading in regards to the cycle threshold level. They are saying things like "it's not true that people have been testing positive due to an overinflated cycle threshold level, this is a poorly researched conspiracy theory." The sheep read one of these articles, and BOOM... their lazy, understudied asses literally fill in a mental check box entitled "High Cycle Threshold Not Responsible For Overinflated Positive Covid Tests. This Is A Conspiracy Theory." Once that mental box has been checked, they literally go around like the pathetic gossipping morons that they are, and they start telling people this lie as if they reached this conclusion due to the hours upon hours of unbiased research they just finished doing. That's how our entire society works. People are nothing more than misinformation/disinformation propaganda passing gossipping morons. This is how fucking easy it is to convince stupid people that they have the right to do or say whatever they want.. as long as they don't waste their time on baseless conspiracy theories. LOL. The problem is that most of these morons will never even spend a single minute to look at the information itself and come to their own conclusion. I mean shit.. people are all about convenience right? Well, it's a huge inconvenience to actually think for yourself because we have highly intelligent experts to do all of the hard work for us. Forgive me if I seem insensitive.. but.. FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING MINDLESS CUNTS. It's your fault we continue to get fucked day after day, year after year, decade after decade. It's your fucking fault your own life is so fucking difficult and stressful. It's your fucking fault that nothing ever changes. You are responsible for your own slavery.

The problem with this entire situation is that the public is to blame for all of this. Once you allow your freedoms to be taken under the guise of a fake pandemic, it's very hard to get those freedoms back. I understand that many people are programmed and honestly believe the scamdemic is real, but that does not excuse the FACT that most people are too lazy to verify the validity of something by themselves without being told what to think, before forming a conclusion or opinion on the matter. It's absolutely insane that human beings are this unaware. Why would you ever allow another person, government or corporation to tell you what is best for you without verifying it for yourself? I'll tell you why. It's because there is not a person alive today who has not been brought up in a prison planet type society, where the "War For Mental Freedom and Real Sovereignty" was lost long ago, by past generations of their lazy ancestors. Every single person alive today has been misled, lied to, mind controlled, exploited and abused from the moment they took their first breath of air in this reality. This is why I still have compassion for stupid people, but it's extremely frustrating that they are this fucking unaware.

For me personally, the most frustrating part of this whole fucking comical scamdemic is that ONCE AGAIN it's just another event in our reality, that perfectly proves what every single one of us "free thinkers" has already known. That STUPID PEOPLE are the majority, and it's the majority that dictate the rules, regulations and norms for society. It's always been STUPID PEOPLE who have played the part that was perfectly written for them to play, which has kept us in mental chains and prevented the average hard working person from truly thriving without being constantly fucked with and exploited by a bunch of self appointed hidden rulers. It's simple.. fuck your masks, fuck your vaccines, fuck your feelings, fuck your fear.. and most of all.. FUCK YOU for creating a world where my daughter's future has the potential of being completely grimm.. for no other reason than you being a lazy fucking worthless piece of shit, who thinks you're even remotely qualified to state an opinion or comment on anything. You could care less about verifying information pertaining to the safety, health and wellbeing of your friends and families, yet, you can sit there and look me right in the eye.. and confidently tell me how many inches Kim Kardashian's fake ass is.. or how much your favorite reality star just paid for her new house.. or how much money your favorite athlete just made by signing a new contract.. or what the ingredients are that made your favorite celebrities new vodka brand so much better than the rest. But you know what? Your lazy ass can't tell me a motherfucking thing about the mind control programming that society has been under after we allowed the entire fucking third reich to come to the USA and be placed in elite positions throughout industries that have enough power to come together behind closed doors to plan their next move in the complete takeover of humanity as a whole. You can't tell me anything about real history. You can't tell me how this country was gradually taken over to eventually reach a point where we would have to file bankruptcy and accept money from foreign dictators, if we agreed to the incorporation of Washington D.C. which would place us under their rule.

As the scholar Kanye West once said "Nahh.. YOU CAN'T TELL ME NOTHING!"

Breaking news dumb shit... you're not qualified to give your opinion or to advise anyone about anything, unless your lazy ass actually sat there to take the time required in order to learn the in's and out's of a topic or piece of information, which would at least give you a fighting chance to make a "well informed" decision or reach an "educated" conclusion pertaining to the topic at hand. This does not mean going online and reading articles written by anyone affiliated with any large corporation or company or scientific organization or university or government... they've all been compromised by the enemy. This means actually sitting there to read the science or research or facts or real story behind the topic.. before you can even begin to look at both sides of said topic. Once you have the unbiased back story, you can finally begin to look at both sides of the topic or the different opinions regarding the topic. Then and only then, can you be considered even remotely qualified to state an opinion. And please.. do not confuse these directions.. this is the most basic set of instructions I can give you. It takes years and years of reading and studying the absolute fuckery that has been used to propagandize and exploit your lives, to finally reach a point where you can feel confident enough that the information you're passing around is solid and beneficial to the minds of others.

Lastly, my above paragraph IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE READING THIS BLOG POST. It's directed at the ones who continue to blow our minds and completely shock us with new levels of stupidity and fuckery day after day. I wish all of you lots of love and safety. I have an undying feeling inside of my body.. at the core of my being.. that's telling me we might be on the brink of a shocking, positive change for humanity as a whole. However, even if something good does happen, it doesn't change the fact that STUPID PEOPLE will happily lead us to our death by pressuring us to shut our mouths and do as they do. Monkey see, monkey do. Well I ain't no fuckin monkey. The old expression "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink" DOES NOT APPLY TO US. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU.. BUT I WASH MY ASS REAL GOOD MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.. BECAUSE I'M NOT A LAZY DIRTY BAG OF DICKS LIKE THE "MAJORITY" OF SOCIETY. The new expression goes like this.. "Opinions are based on effort, understanding, intelligence, critical thinking, common sense, knowledge and intuition.. so go fuck yourselves because you aren't shit!"

And on that note, have a beautiful night (or day depending on your location) in the MATRIX...

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