Batman: The Jesuit Doctor Chronicles

Just wait until people find out what the vaccine really is. This Fauci information is laughable, because anybody who knows how to think for themselves, already knew everything that’s finally being exposed. Back in March of last year, I was literally banned on Fakebook for 30 days for saying it was a man made virus that was leaked out of the Wuhan lab. I was banned again for sharing multiple quotes from highly respected doctors explaining how masks do not work and how they are detrimental to your health, as they have a high probability of spreading bacterial pneumonia throughout the mask wearing population. I’ve exposed the inhumane AIDS vaccine experiments Fauci forced upon innocent children under the care of CPS. No matter what truths I tell, most people are mentally ill and choose to doubt, ignore and live a life of illusion. People think it’s a waste of time to concern themselves with these things because they would rather just “live their lives,” yet, they don’t understand that these lives they enjoy living will not be here anymore unless they make an effort to inform themselves and learn how to discern truth from lies in a world full of fear based programming. Even though this Fauci news broke, this is still a psy-op in a sense because the narrative Rand Paul is pushing is that there is no reason that a vaccinated person should have to wear a mask. If he was truly on the side of humanity and not part of another agenda, he would be telling people what the vaccine actually is, how the technology works, how it has nothing to do with building immunity against the virus, and how it is literally priming the human body to become an accessible and controllable computer. If the truth was really coming out there would be breaking news telling people to avoid the vaccine at all costs, just like hundreds and hundreds of brave doctors have been doing.. even though they know that big pharma is going to use all of their power throwing bastardized science accusations at them in an attempt to deceive and discredit. One day people will finally get it. Hopefully they’re alive to see that day.

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