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I've been sitting on this information for a few days now. I don't want to cause any panic or fear, I only want to make people aware of what is going on in Slovakia. I need anyone who has concrete information about the correct dosage a person should take when using horse ivermectin, to post the information on this thread on Facebook. Ivermectin is not available over the counter, therefore people have been using low doses of horse ivermectin which you can buy online. If you have that information, please share it in this thread because it will help a lot of people out.


Slovakia is running a massive testing operation where they are testing all citizens over the age of 10 for MORONa.

There was testing done in Slovakia by people who wish to remain anonymous, for good reason. They tested the swabs being used in the PCR test all over their country, and came back with shocking results. The PCR swabs that they tested came back showing that they contain DARPA hydrogel and lithium, which targets your pineal gland and kills red blood cells at an accelerated rate. The purpose of the hydrogel and lithium covertly added to the swabs is to disrupt the epithelium (surface layer) in your mucus. This is done by swabbing your nasal cavity or throat which allows the hydrogel to attach itself to your mucus, and from there it starts to develop a fractal crystalline structure. The people who ran the study are convinced this is a full fledged attempt at mass genocide against the Slovakian people.

From the study:

"After spawning a mixture of nylon fiber fragments, Darpa Hydrogel remains on the nasal mucosa under the pituitary and pineal gland along with lithium. This mixture immediately reacts with living structures to form crystals that are directionally oriented to the pineal gland, which has its own electromagnetic field. The shape of the crystals determines the type of hydrogel used. The crystals are conductive due to the lithium contained in it. The crystals can receive the signal from the transmitter to the cell and transmit signals from the cell to the transmitter. These are actually nano-antennas."

Read that last sentence again...

"These are actually nano-antennas."

Now, look at the below image of a beetle and then read the below information from the study.

The study goes on to say:

"Darpa Hydrogel (reference) is an artificial substance that creates a converter between the electromagnetic signal and living cell, tissue and organ. It converts an electromagnetic signal from a transmitter to a signal which a living cell understands and responds to. (see photo of beetle - Darpa Hydrogel was injected into its nerve structures and was controllable via a radio). Darpa Hydrogel and lithium block and destroy the pineal gland and cause the thinking person to become a controllable biorobot. A hydrogel is a carrier of an active substance, its task is to get the substance into the body at a pre-desired place. Briefly on the issue of vaccines. Vaccines contain Darpa Hydrogel, lithium and patented genetic information. mRNA is not an untested novelty. In breeding and for top athletes, this type has been using doping for many years. For top athletes this doping significantly shortens the life. Genetic information in the vaccine leads to the creation of a patented mutant. The dream that the dark forces around Bill Gates want to achieve, is to force these mutants, for example by vaccination, to regularly upgrade as a computer program.
Darpa Hydrogel hollow nylon fibers fill the FFP2 class plastic respirators. This Darpa Hydrogel with additives is slowly released from the respirators. When breathing, it enters the human airways. The swabs used for PCR are also composed of hollow nylon fibers with Darpa Hydrogel."

Obviously this is extremely concerning, but it's not surprising. Why else would the people behind this fear based psyop use the media to program so much fear into the collective, that people with literally no symptoms would run out as fast as they could to go get tested? There has never been a "virus" in history where people with no symptoms were encouraged to get tested. And, if you remember, the cycle threshold (CT) criteria used in the PCR testing protocol was purposely increased by 10 points. This means that a person who is not sick and will not contract whatever the virus is (flu variant), was told they were positive when they weren't.

With all of the above being said...

The good news is that the study states that they have been able to kill the hydrogel with IVERMECTIN. Ivermectin was being used by multiple doctors who went to congress to testify that its cured many sick people in trials in Brazil and is not harmful to the body. Of course congress didn't give a shit because they wanted to push the jab... because they don't want an easy, healthy, cheap solution to whatever flu variant they've rebranded as Covid.

This is why I need someone to provide accurate information about safe human dosage of horse ivermectin. Most people cannot obtain regular ivermectin, because it is not an over the counter medicine. We also need people to test the swabs in their country to see if this is happening outside of Slovakia. It would be really weird if this was an isolated incident and not part of a much larger plan. This is a direct attack against the people of the world and the epitome of a crime against humanity. I want you to realize that no one is coming to save us. The only person that can save you, is you. At this point, we need to ask yourself an honest question: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stand up and fight these genocidal psychopaths who are literally trying to alter your DNA and the DNA of your loved ones, in an attempt to gain full control of humanity through advanced technology?

[SIDENOTE: I will do whatever it takes to protect my family. I've spent the last 12 years of my life putting the truth into the collective, and I've lost many friends in the process. The thing about me is that I truly don't give the slightest fuck about the way I am perceived by people who have not reached my level of awareness. I am not threatened by anybody and I rarely find people who are willing to debate me because I have a wealth of fact based knowledge, which in turn, is threatening to them. My only goal is to continue educating others and helping them think deeper than they did in the past, even if it's on the most basic level. We must stand up or allow these psychopaths to destroy humanity as a whole. The sheep will not be the ones to stand up, the sheep will always be the ones to bring us closer to our demise.]

On page 1 of the study, it clearly states:

"Anyone who has at least a standard school microscope and a test microscope can verify the information regarding the test swabs published here. All information about test swabs, Darpa Hydrogels, and lithium is publicly available in scientific and corporate work. Links to some are at the end of the document."

So we really need people to help out and start looking at swabs in their country.

Once again, more information surfaces showing that many of us were correct all along. This is no conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact. I hope you share this information with friends and family.

I want you to understand that what we are witnessing with the confirmation of DARPA's hydrogel in the PCR swabs and the recombinant messenger RNA in the vaccine, is literally... TRANSHUMANISM IN FULL SWING.

And finally, here is the study that you can download:

Download • 3.56MB


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