A Shocking Li(e)fe To Live [2021]

Updated: Jul 7

I woke up this morning feeling extremely grateful that most of my family and friends posses the ability to use their intuition and think critically even when the government, “health officials,” television, and celebrities tell them different. I also felt a feeling of sadness for all of my friends and family who are incapable of finding enough strength within themselves to be anything more than shameful cowards who are incapable of protecting themselves and their loved ones from agendas meant to destroy their quality of life. This is what happens when education, medicine, media and every other major industry are taken over by people who posses rare knowledge that most of the world's population does not. You end up with a situation where now multiple generations of people have been deeply programmed with more than just fear, but with a completely false sense of history, themselves, their lives and reality in general.

I feel like that is just an excuse and that the truth is that they're just too worried about how others might look at them or judge them for exploring anything other than the mainstream narrative. It's important to understand that for some people, finding the courage inside of themselves to put their knowledge and belief system to the test is more about protecting their false view of the world and how it works. These are the "and even if that was true, I don't even want to know" people. My point is that you have all sorts of people that only believe the mainstream narrative because they refuse to consider anything other than what their masters tell them. However, these people aren't just unwilling to look at conflicting information; they are too afraid of what they might find on the other end of the spectrum. The thought of having lived a lie their entire lives is too much to bear. There is a clear difference between people who crave the truth no matter how difficult it may be and those who hide from it.

This is especially true with Covid-19. In the current situation, we have people who believe the narrative because they think there is no way in hell that someone like Fauci could be considered a "health expert" and be part of some grand scheme with a hidden agenda. They think that people who don't believe the false narrative are simply those who deny the reality of science. Yet, their ignorance prevents them from understanding how science is one of the most corrupt and manipulated fields in our modern world. These people are too blind to realize that somebody can control that information and destroy damning scientific “proof” before it ever has a chance of reaching the general public. But nothing, my friends, and I mean NOTHING is more relevant in this scenario than the Covid-19 mRNA "Vaccine." Even the slightest thought of the "vaccine" they've just injected into their body being potentially poisonous or capable of genetically modifying their DNA, or resulting in their unexpected death, is the most significant factor holding them back from EVER CONSIDERING THE TRUTH.

THIS WILL HOLD THEM BACK FOREVER UNLESS THE TRUTH IS HELD DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES AND UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE LEAVES NO ROOM FOR THEM TO HIDE ANY LONGER. It’s not just that they are stupid enough to inject a rushed, experimental gene therapy with no FDA approval and no human trials into their bodies; it’s that they’ve done it in such a passive-aggressive manner. They’ve advertised their “accomplishments” on social media because they’re so proud of their heroic actions. How fucking insane can you be? Everything about this scamdemic was sketchy from the start, if you are even remotely capable of thinking critically.

- It was proven that Medicare was paying massive amounts of money for people diagnosed with covid based pneumonia, and even more to the hospital if they were put on a ventilator (remember all of those people that Cuomo killed by placing them on ventilators when their lungs couldn’t handle it?)

- It’s a fact that most of the Covid deaths were not actually “Covid deaths.” It’s a fact that the CDC recommended all deaths where a person was either around someone who had tested positive for Covid, or tested positive themselves before or after death, was called a “Covid” death

- The problem with ruling all of those deaths “Covid” based on a positive test is that the PCR testing protocol that Cormen and Drosten created was written in 24 hours and never peer-reviewed before being accepted and used around the world. It is this test that would go on to justify pointless lockdowns and destroy people’s lives by having to close their businesses down. Not only was the test sketchy to begin with, but by the time it could be peer-reviewed by honest scientists, it had already been deployed around the world and used as the industry standard.

After the paper was finally peer-reviewed 11 months later, they found some shocking flaws within the testing protocol. They found that the flawed test had created a false positive rate so high that millions of people tested positive when completely healthy. HOW CONVENIENT IS THE WHOLE “ASYMPTOMATIC” EXCUSE NOW, FAUCI? You cock sucker.

Conveniently, the media buried this information and continued to allow this grand scam to commence.

Here is a link to the entire peer-reviewed study, which was the first step in tricking the public to beg for a vaccine for a virus no deadlier than the flu.

There are plenty of other "anomalies" that destroy their Covert-19 narrative, but I think you get the point. With all of the existing evidence, most people will never even take a slight peak. This was a deliberate attack to remove our freedoms and weaken us to a level where it would be nearly impossible to fight back.

Great job people, you literally played yourself and we all tried warning you over and over and over and again. It's sad, but true.

A Trip Down Memory Lane To Understand Why People Are Such A Disgrace To Humanity As A Whole

You see, this all goes back to grade school when we're sat down and taught about this great country that we live in and that we're very fortunate because our country just so happens to be the best in the entire fucking world. I mean, why else would they teach us how to "pledge allegiance" to our flag when we are four and five years old if this country isn't as great as they tell us it is. Growing up in the USA, we're taught from a very young age that nothing in this country ever happens unless a group of people all come together to have a fair vote, which will tally up how many people agree or disagree with the topic at hand. It's straightforward; there are only two options to choose from when voting "yes" or "no." Each person votes and, when finished, all of the votes are counted by honest people who take these things very seriously. The next part is quite obvious... the selection that ends up with the most votes... wins. At that point we are told that there is no arguing about the final result because in the USA, "THE MAJORITY RULES." They want us to believe that there is no way anyone can disagree with this system because it gives everybody a fair opportunity to state their opinion anonymously. When you're eight years old and your biggest concerns are the TV show you’re going to watch after school or what you're going to do next weekend, this premise sounds amazing. There is no reason in the world why someone would ever want to question it. If the majority feels that something is best for all of us, then there is no reason to doubt them. After all, the majority of people in this country all feel the same way about the important issues that we face. There will always be sour people who do not agree with the majority’s decision, but it’s important to understand that the majority knows what is best for these people too.

[Stay with me here... lol]

They teach us about democracy as if it's the very best way of ensuring that the people are in charge of electing a government of the people, by the people, for the people. They make sure to give us a hands-on experience at such a young age to ensure that we understand how fucking dope this democracy shit is. To show how this concept works, they tell us that we can run for school leadership positions, which can allow us to make positive changes for our classmates. The best part about this is that if our classmates vote to elect us... and we win, we can bring real change to our school that will benefit all of the children who have voiced their concerns about crucial shit. After all, if I'm voted class President, I'm going to put vending machines in the hall with every type of candy that a kid could want and make lunchtime two hours long. This way, all of the kids can get what they believe they truly deserve. This concept helps a child feel like their opinions are relevant and give them a sense of individuality and pride. I mean, this is how things are conducted in a free and fair society where everyone’s opinion matters!

Unfortunately, what these teachers who closely follow their assigned curriculums fail to teach us (and fail to realize themselves) is that the majority making decisions for the country as a whole might not be a good thing. What happens if the majority of people are nothing but a bunch of mindless, propagandized, programmed, blind, mind-controlled, traumatized, hateful, jealous, scandalous, selfish, prideful, ignorant, mentally ill MORONS who are incapable of making the best decision for the collective. I wonder why they don't have us question this scenario. After all, the teachers, our friends at school, our friends' parents, our parents... and everybody within our society seems to believe that this method of the majority "ruling" is the way things should be... so there is no reason to question it.

If I could've only seen then what I see now. Actually, fuck that. I'm glad that I didn't see then what I see now. If I had, maybe I would've felt like this world was evil and I would've been too consumed with anything other than having a pleasant childhood and learning to cherish those times while they were still here. I knew that one day I would be all grown up, and everybody tells you that they wish they could go back in time, to the days when going to school was the most challenging thing they were faced with. Now, this doesn't mean that I believe children should be taught a bunch of lies and be programmed to think the world is something that it's not. It just means that no matter what the truth of the world is, you have to allow a child to be a child because they deserve nothing more than to feel happy, safe and free, during the most precious years of their lives.

Thanks For Reminiscing With Me... But... There's A Reason I've Taken You Back To The "Good Ol' Days."

My experience growing up in this country serves as the prime example, illustrating why most of your friends and family members are so fucking disconnected from the truth. To this day, I still find it shocking, astonishing, and appalling all at the same time. This, my friends, is what happens when the control of education, medicine, media, and every other major industry is stolen by a small group of "people" who possess the most valuable asset in existence... KNOWLEDGE. When few people possess and hoard rare knowledge that most of society has no idea about, you end up with a situation where they can easily exploit the masses... even though we are the many and they are the few. Fast forward to the late 1800's moving into the early 1900s; you have a situation where a few criminals who were able to use clever schemes and shady tactics to exploit and eventually control some of the largest industries to ever exist in the United States were able to use the rare knowledge they possessed and the money they had made through these schemes to lite over the mind and bodies of the "majority" of people in the good ol' U, S of A. Without going too deep into things I've written about in the past, in 1902 John Davison Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Frederick T. Gates created the first centralized entity to form and govern a new public-school system in the country. They called it "The General Education Board." This board went on to create a national curriculum for students from grade school through high school, which guaranteed that moving forward, all children would be taught the same things on a national level that these so-called "Men Who Built (raped and exploited) America" wanted them to learn. They finally had control over what little Jimmy and little Susan would learn and how it would affect their lives. These elitist parasites exploited the public on a level that allowed them to rig the entire system and create a virtually impenetrable advantage over us all.

It's important to note that pre-1900, the USA had the highest literacy rate in the history of this country, but this was back when schooling functioned on a local level and was decentralized. There was no centralized authority telling you what to learn and deciding what your mind should be thinking about. This was highly problematic for this small group of fucking cunts, who wanted an advantage over the rest of us.

The below quote from one of the founders of the General Education Board, Frederick T. Gates says it all. Gates (no relation to Bill) was J.D. Rockefeller's mentor.

"In our dream we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science. We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply.”

– Frederick T Gates

I'm sure most of you know how the story goes from there, but incase you don't, here's a brief summary:

(if you would like a detailed timeline, please see my blog entry entitled: "The (Bill) Gates of Hell" )

- They take over education, creating a literal tool to convert society from intelligent competition into a nation of workers who's schooling would teach them how to submit to authority or lose the opportunity to succeed in this world.

- They proceed to take over "healthcare" by staging a coup against the naturopathic, plant based medicinal cures at the time, and replacing them with a patentable, synthetic, "band-aid" that would not cure any ailment but instead provide an unhealthy quick fix to the problem which would create a life long customer that could be exploited until they were finally dead.

- They staged the "Spanish Flu" by infecting soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas with meningitis, which created a deadly meningitis outbreak right before WW1. This allowed the "Rockefeller Institute of Medicine" to step in as "the good guys" and offer a "BRAND NEW MENINGITIS VACCINE" trial, on all willing participants at Fort Riley. Most of the soldiers were dying, so they happily took part in the trials. This was a new "experimental vaccine" that was cultured from Horses. The vaccines that were administered to these soldiers ended up causing them a highly contagious case of a bacterial pneumonia, which was spread by saliva and skin to skin contact. Long story short, the soldiers at Fort Riley were then shipped off to go fight WW1, so they unknowingly spread this deadly bacterial pneumonia from Kansas all the way to France and everywhere in-between. This was the real cause of what was dubbed "The Spanish Flu," because... fuck it... what better way to stage a fake flu epidemic than to blame it on a country who wouldn't agree to be subjected to the bullshit you tried to pull on them. So, the "Spanish Flu" went on to kill an unfathomable amount of people, but the truth is that it was not Spanish and was not the flu. The flu is most deadly to infants, elderly and the immunocompromised, however, bacterial pneumonia primarily attacks perfectly healthy people, in their prime, seemingly out of no where. Look up that Nazi Fauci's study on the Spanish Flu and you will come to find out that the conclusion of his research is that most people were actually killed by a highly contagious bacterial pneumonia. However, what he fails to mention is where it came from and who was responsible for spreading it.

Here's a gift from me to you. It's the hard evidence proving that the Rockefeller Institute of New York was conducting anti-meningitis vaccine trials on the soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas, back in October and November of 1917, pre-WW1. [Evidence For The Sheep]

- They fully take over Hollywood to ensure they have to power to create and control the heavily mind-controlled and blackmailed actors who would go on to become the idols of the public.

You know the rest of the story... they lied about everything, write all of their genocidal crimes out of the history books, and instead, have the fucking balls to call themselves "The Men Who Built America." They established the Federal Reserve Act. They brought the Nazis here (because the SS was secretly being controlled from the USA by way of IBM and Thomas Watson, and the huge network of American Eugenicists that were called "heroes" in our history books) to create propaganda films at "Lookout Mountain" in the Hollywood Hills, which would serve as mind control while they would bring us into WW2. Blah blah blah, so on and so fucking forth.

I've written many blog posts describing all of the above in detail, but this is not the purpose of the current topic. I'm only trying to illustrate one big point. My point is that in 2021, we live in a world where now many generations of people have been deeply programmed with more than just fear, but with completely false knowledge of history where the victims have been dubbed the “enemy,” and the enemy has been called the “victims.” We are smack dab in the middle of multi-generational mind control programming, where the only people alive today who know the truth are people like you and me. People who weren't too scared to look deeper than most. People who have always had a feeling inside their body that things are not the way they seem. People who all had a specific event or point in their lives that caused them trauma on some level, and because of that trauma, they realized that it really wasn't that difficult to not be a fucking coward... and ignore the unspoken, hidden parts of our society that most people call "taboo" or conspiracy theory.

We have truly reached a point where most of the world population either wakes up now, and does something to end the parasitic atrocities that have been committed against humanity, or, they allow themselves to be converted into trans-human beings by allowing their minds and bodies to be merged with technology and they stay asleep forever.

The choice is yours.

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