A Consolidated Summary - Written By: Patrick Ruegsegger

When I designed this website, I wanted to create a place where people could come to read information that isn't readily available to the general public. Nothing you will read on this website is considered "common knowledge." Patrick is a highly intelligent, well studied friend of mine on Facebook and he has information to offer that is invaluable to humanity. A few weeks back I had posted a basic summary relating to the intricate scam that was conducted over a long period of time, which would eventually lead to the corporatization of the United States of America.. and the hidden takeover of our rights and freedom. A scam that would make it very difficult for the common person to thrive, unless it was by taking part in their corrupted system. It was this scam that gave our sovereignty and freedom away to foreign entities who never even had to tell us that we had become their property. They possessed one crucial asset that most of us do not. True knowledge of the law and how to use it. On my facebook post that I mentioned above, Patrick made the point that it's difficult to explain this scam to people without a complete explanation, where you can tell the whole story and literally break down every aspect of what happened. He made the point that although it wasn't my intention when writing my post, my post could be considered misinformation because I had left out many aspects and details that were used to solidify this scam. I saw his comment and really thought about what he said. Although it wasn't my intention to offer any misinformation, he was right. I sat there for a moment and asking myself the following: "Was my attempt to "dumb down" the story to simplify it in a way that most people could understand, more harmful than it was beneficial?" I came to the conclusion that it wasn't necessarily harmful because I did it with sincerity, in hopes that other people who do not have time to go through all of the important details, could understand the scam. However, he was correct that if I wanted people to truly understand, I would need to go much deeper and break down many aspects of the multi-layered scam, otherwise my words could have been misinterpreted.

With all of that being said, the below is the first piece of writing that Patrick has given me and allowed me to post on this website. I hope in the future he will contribute much more invaluable information to the site, which will help others in their journey of awakening. Enjoy!

A Consolidated Summary - Written By: Patrick Ruegsegger

I have collected enough evidence and research over the years to show and explain how our country was essentially hijacked back in the 1930s. This resulted in the financial bondage of every man, woman and child in America to a private banking elite. This system of financial bondage has imprisoned and impoverished the people of the world in our current time and ties into the agenda of the World Economic Forum and a central world government. To understand the events of the 1930s one needs to go back to the Civil War and the corrosive legal effect of the 14th amendment. There are some legal doctrines and principles that would need to be explained. This would likely be the biggest impact an article on this topic could make since current Americans are almost wholly ignorant of fundamental law after a lifetime of indoctrination and propaganda. In an attempt to not waste anyone’s time I will try to condense this as best as possible.

The 14th amendment created a new political body within our country. We already had the political body of the Union (internationally) and the political bodies of the people of the individual states (internally). This is known as a structure of Dual Federalism, there is a great article on this put out by Yale Law recently. This new body politic then fulfilled the last requirement for the basic requirements of a Nation State under international law. It turned a once singular constitutionally limited federal government of the Union into a dualistic government (divide and rule). There are basically 4 requirements to meet the criteria of a “State”; (1) population (2) territory (3) Government (4) Sovereignty. The United States government was initially one of only subject matter jurisdiction over Americans (State & Union political citizens publicly but only State Citizens in their private capacity), and their subject matter was the delegated enumerated powers granted in the federal constitution. They did NOT have a population all their own, they lacked any political body under their *exclusive general jurisdiction. The State governments remained the legal entities of all general non-enumerated powers of the federal constitution through their state constitutions, the people retained all others and we also have the 9th and 10th amendments. This can be easily validated with a few key court case’s and other legal writings.

Our Country had no “National Law” as we were a Federated Union of independent territorial legal jurisdictions. The new body politic of the 14th opened the door to all general powers of a government under international law. This granted the United States Government unlimited powers in tandem with their limited powers. This created the legal justification for the U.S. Congress to start writing all sorts and kinds of legislation. Initially Americans were still protected from too many abuses as they remained outside/removed from these new powers and their legislation in this capacity as it only applied to people with the legal status of U.S. citizen, those with a legal domicile/residence either in D.C. or in federal territories (U.S. Supreme Court, Sun Printing & Publishing Ass’n v. Edwards, 194 U.S. 377, 1904). A key case in this ongoing alteration of our structure and philosophy of government is Downes v. Bidwell in 1901. There are many pieces to this puzzle and I think the dissenting opinion of Justice Harlan is very enlightening of what was to come. It was under these “new” powers of a distinct State all their own that Congress created the Federal Reserve Corporation in 1913. It was this new class of citizen and banking/money that allowed for the 16th amendment of taxation. These events all led up to the financial crash of 1929 and the “Banking Emergency” of 1933 that culminated in what I think is one of the worst treason’s ever in civilization, an executive order confiscating all private gold ownership. They did this at the same time they removed the redeemable element of our currency which amounts to blatant theft, it doesn't even qualify as legal plunder as they violated the law to do it. Legal tender/fiat is NOT on par with gold/silver. From 1913 to 1933 U.S. notes were circulated in tandem with Federal Reserve notes, both were redeemable currencies. In 1933 they stopped printing U.S. notes entirely and then made Federal Reserve notes non-redeemable fiat legal tender. Kennedy was working to restore sound money back to the people with Executive Order 11110. This is likely what caused his murder much like Lincoln who issued non-interest bearing greenbacks to help pay for the civil war instead on taking on loans/debt from foreign bankers and foreign nations.

Moving along to the rest of the 1930s we end up with “Social Security” which was incorrectly labeled federal old age insurance, this is legislation of the state of the United States NOT the federal government of limited powers. We also get income tax withholding of ALL 'U.S. citizens'. These pieces of legislation are not propagated under the delegated and enumerated powers of the federal constitution, they are only for those particular class of people who are U.S. citizens, those without citizenship in one of the States of the Union. This meant they had to find a way around this legal limitation as people would never willingly embrace the clear second class nature and liability of debts and welfare policies if given the option. This was accomplished by violating established fundamental law of citizenship within our country. Instead of using the correct legal doctrine of Lex Domicilii, law of domicile, they cite Lex Patriae, law of nationality, as the test of individual legal personality(personal law). Law is roughly divided into two spheres, Public and Private, this separation is seen as political and territorial or political and civil which is why every individual upon birth is ascribed the two mutually exclusive states of a political status(public) and civil status(private) (U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 1898). This pulled ALL Americans into their 14th amendment political nation state and alienated the people from the *guaranteed protections of their State and Federal Constitutions. This then explains all the modern day injustice of concepts like qualified immunity/sovereign immunity, civil asset forfeiture, denial of due process under 4th and 5th amendment in place of the due process of the 14th amendment, loss of real money as defined in the federal constitution, red flag laws/forced gun registration, etc. It’s a crime of unknowable cost and injury as there is nothing in this world that can replace the loss of a person’s freedom and property. The fact remains, our country is a federated country of independent *territorial legal jurisdictions which is why the test of personal capacity had ALWAYS been legal domicile/residence of the individual up until the first edition of the codification of United States law in the U.S. code in 1926 and the first edition of the Code of Federal Regulations in 1938. The removal of this proper and just legal doctrine with the doctrine of the law of nationality is a fraud that has and is destroying our country from the inside out like a cancer or a parasite. Regan published the Grace Commission Report that confirmed 100 percent of what is collected in income taxes is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt. This interest should be called what it is, the immoral, criminal and ancient practice of Usury to a private money class granted monopoly control of all banking/currency/credit and commerce. The Grace Report also conceals another ongoing fraud, that the debt is federal in its nature. It is not, it is the debt of the State of the United States which is it’s own legal entity separate and distinct from our American Union of limited government built upon individualism, self-government, private unalienable rights and private property.

There is obviously much more detail to go into but the main point of everything above is the corruption of law that took place in the 1930s that made it all possible. This is a verifiable legal fact. This is the ultimate truth of how a small group of criminals have infiltrated and stolen Americas rich heritage and high ideals outlined in the Declaration of Independence; that ALL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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