A Completely Different Level of Stupid. LOL!

It's 2021, "The Year of the Ignorant American." In 2021 you have a level of ignorance and stupidity never before seen on earth. "Women Get Caught 'Stealing' COVID Vaccine"

These geniuses wanted the (not a) vaccine so bad, they were willing to steal it.. and then got caught. Imagine how stupid you have to be, to literally steal a (not a) vaccine that is literally going to alter your DNA with a genetically modified cell line, rendering you a fucking cyborg. And that's if it doesn't kill you from an adverse reaction. And that's if it doesn't kill you in the next 3 months to 2 years. And even if it doesn't kill you, what it does do is allow thoughts and memories to be removed or implanted by the corporation who owns the patent on the genetically modified DNA inside of your body. Stealing a covid (not a) vaccine is like running full speed into a death camp and saying "You found me! Can I die already??!? Please!?!?"

May the odds forever be in their favor. Unfortunately there are no odds that can overcome ignorance and stupidity. Stealing their way into the afterlife.

#3030vision #YOUcantFIXstupid...STUPID!

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