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If You Want To Beat Your Enemy, You Must First Understand Them...
"Morals and Dogma" By: Albert Pike
World Health Organization - International Health Regulations 2005
(All U.N. Countries Agreed to Participate in "Live Pandemic Exercise" which is what Covid is. It's A "Live Exercise"
GPMB - A World At Risk 2019
More Proof That Covid-19 Was Planned To Vaccinate The World, Decimate The Middle Class, And Bring In The N.W.O.
Death From Covid Vaccine Database
Please understand that many family members have reported difficulty getting in contact with VAERS, and have complained that they have been unable to report the death of a loved on or serious side effects. This is more proof that the numbers of people dying or seriously injured are not accurate and will never be accurate.
Covid Vaccine Injury Videos
Woman Injured By Covid Vaccine Shares Her Story
Facebook User Uploads Video of His Mothers Reaction to Covid Vaccine