I wanted to share with you an easy thing I'm doing to make extra money by taking advantage of the surge of people focusing on cryptocurrency.  The first thing I want you to understand is that this has nothing to do with your opinion or my opinion on cryptocurrency itself. This has nothing to do with the way you feel or I feel about the "blockchain" and its relationship to AI. This is only about a simple way to set yourself up to make extra money by downloading a new web browser on your laptop, desktop and cell phone (only if you're already running it on a laptop or desktop). If you don't know anything about cryptocurrency... specifically Bitcoin, I will explain all that you need to know in order to decide if this opportunity will work for you... or if it's a complete waste of your time.

People used to use the statement all the time when telling others about Bitcoins potential:


"Bitcoin is going to be huge and worth a lot of money... because in the future, it will be used to make payments by financial institutions and people all over the world."

I've said it. You've said it if you've been involved at all with crypto. Many people have said it. 2021 has proven that statement to be false. Although there is opportunity to make money by investing in Bitcoin (at the right time), my prediction is that it is going to become obsolete in the coming years, because it was never designed to be super efficient for payment providers and financial institutions. Let's be real... Bitcoin was designed to offer people on the deep web, a way of using currency that could not be tracked by any authorities or agency. It was used to buy anything from weapons and drugs, to funding literal hits on people, to buying illegal things that aren't available on the normal web. It was also a way to avoid taxes and any type of paper trail for any transactions you made with it. There reached a point in time where it went mainstream and many people saw its potential as a life changing investment. I'm not explaining this to tell you which crypto I think will decimate Bitcoin and actually be used for financial transactions all over the world, I'm explaining this so you understand why Bitcoin will never be used for this purpose, and therefore, will make a lot of people rich... but only if they wait until the right moment (when it's near its highest threshold) and cash out before Bitcoin goes KABOOM... just like the explosives those Israel "art students" rigged on the world trade center to bring it down on 9/11.

Bitcoin is inefficient all around. It is not meant to be a great way to make payments because each transaction takes 10 minutes to sometimes over an hour when the blockchain is overflowing. It requires people to run extremely fast and expensive computers which pull more energy than almost anything else in the world on a yearly basis, to be able to "mine" the coins by pushing through and confirming each transaction before it can be received on the other end. T

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