Trevor Matrixbreaker


For years, I've spent time and energy sharing information on social media, attempting to meet like minded people who wanted to openly discuss deep/taboo topics and information that has been occulted from society. As I've progressed on my journey, people have told me that they appreciate my ability to break down complicated information, in a way that everybody can understand, regardless of their current level of awareness. I've stated many times that I don't resonate with the typical "love and light" mindset, because it removes the authenticity within the individual. There is an unspoken rule in this community, which is that you have to act or behave a certain way to be considered "woke." I find this ridiculous because an "awakening" is a personal journey where an individual begins to shed the programming that's been ingrained in their minds since birth. You don't have to follow any specific set of rules or pretend to be the typical "spiritual" asshole that knows it all because he's so fuckin.. "spiritual." All you have to do is be the most authentic version of yourself, put in the time and effort to question and challenge your belief sytem, be honest with yourself, and most importantly... never change your authenticity for anybody. For whatever reason, this outlook has triggered many people over the years because they didn't feel that I was "spiritual" enough based on the things I say and the sense of humor that I refuse to change. Many people don't like the fact that my posts. are someimtes explicit, but again, fuck them because this isn't their page and this isn't their work. Therefore, they are free to leave and take their attention somewhere else. Fuck em all.. but with compassion. Understand? This is why people either resonate with me or dislike me from the moment we cross paths. If you're coming here expecting me to wish you "love and light" (luciferian new age bullshit) while I show you my newest ass naked yoga pose at midnight.. in some fucking open field somewhere.. doing moon rituals.. then I promise you, you are going to be disappointed. However, if you are here to learn and teach and help others open their eyes.. while respecting the fact that everybody can be themselves without pretending to be what the "truth" or the "spiritual" community thinks they should be.. then welcome to my fucking page.. and much love.

It's really simple... I've never pretended to be someone I'm not, and I never will. I will never change myself based on the way another person feels about me. This method has worked extremely well over the years because it helps the down to earth humans gravitate towards me.. and it keeps the fake "Hey Mom Look At Me.. I'M SPIRITUAL AND WOKE" types the fuck out of my way. You should try it sometime... it really does feel liberating. #3030vision. Lots of love.