I created this site to bypass big tech censorship, which has added another degree of thought-control to our SOCIETY


It's the year 2021 and speaking the truth classifies you as an "extremist." We have reached a point where the old power structure is losing control of their parasitic narrative, which they have used for the last 150 years to control the American public at large. The reality of our reality is that these very old, powerful families have been dictating everything that happens in our world since the beginning of recorded history (his story). Now, one of their biggest inventions which was always meant to help them retain control, better known as "the internet" (public web, deep web and dark web) has provided a sizable "chink in their armor." This is due to the inevitable awakening of humanity that has been fueled by the internet. These old ruling families are trying everything they can and using all psychological weapons they have at their disposal, to prevent us from speaking the truth about who they are, what they've done, what they continue to do, how they do it, and what their goal has always been. Knowledge is the most valuable asset a person can posses, no material object is even in the same spectrum of knowledge, especially knowledge that has been purposely and so carefully hidden from the masses of the world. This is why every single person who has discouraged you from spending time sharing information online, does not understand the power that information holds. This is because the programming that has been so carefully implanted in their minds since childhood is functioning as it was always intended. The so called "elite" narrative is crumbling because of people like us, who have found an interest in dispelling the lies of the past in an attempt to create a better tomorrow, not just for ourselves but for humanity as a whole. This is why we've shared information over the years regardless of the way we've been judged, received or perceived by others. Most of us have always had an "all knowing" feeling inside us, that things were never meant to be the way they are. We are all waking up at different times due to different events in our lives that trigger something within us. Look up the "100 Monkey Effect" if you don't already understand it's premise. I feel that we are on the cusp of the 100 Monkey Effect reaching humanity as a whole, regardless of the current script or agendas playing out in the manufactured world that we've been given. 

With all of that being said, I sincerely hope that the information provided on this website helps you continue your journey, where ever it may lead.


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